Comfortably Luxurious

From winter weddings to evening events, keeping warm and fashionable can cause a conundrum when trying to stay in the dress code. Layering can overwhelm the dress, and you can't just throw on a windbreaker. You’ll need a suitable accessory that doubles as a functional element, and won't ruin your look - think fur.  

Fur is a timeless choice for a wintry event, the perfect combination of comfort and sophisticated glamour. Wearing fur goes hand in hand with feelings of luxury and opulence and can be easily incorporated as a coat or bolero. Wear with a fabulous full length gown for a winter black tie gala or a sleek formal dress for a winery wedding.


Authentic Fur

A fur piece is the ultimate investment, natural furs such as rabbit or mink are exceptionally durable and when cared for correctly can last for years. A fur accessory is a fantastic option if you are looking to add a timeless element to your wardrobe. Naturally insulated against cold weather you can expect a fur shawl to keep you cosy and comfortable.  Fur offers a range of variety when it comes to colour, feel and style. Each animal can provide a different range of benefits, for example, rabbit fur is a fantastic option in regards to its lightweight properties, and soft feel. Coats or shawls that incorporate fur are a gorgeous option to embody glamour and sophistication.


Faux Fur

Echoing the shifts of societal attitudes, faux fur has become a favourable choice for many. Faux fur provides all the same benefits as its real counterpart, sans animal involvement. An added benefit of faux fur is its ease to care for, simply shake for a refresh or take it down to the dry cleaners for a deeper clean. Being made from synthetic fibres grants faux fur with the advantage of being extremely durable. Thanks to its versatile nature, faux furs have limitless potential when it comes to colour and texture, ensuring there's a style to fit everyone's individual tastes and preferences.


Signature Fur

You can embrace fur into your wardrobe no matter your personal style. For a trendy, effortlessly cool look, think about pairing a fur coat with some skinny jeans and a sneaker, or swap out for some heels to make it more chic. For a more glamorous formal event, consider partnering your gown with a fur shawl for an opulent and comforting touch. 


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