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The top duties of the mother of the bride

The top duties of the mother of the bride
Congratulations, your daughter is getting married!
Such a special occasion can be an overwhelmingly exciting time in your life, but is important to remember that ultimately your daughter is the one making the decisions when it comes down to her wedding. We have compiled some tips and duties to help you be the best guest of honour for your daughter. 
  1. Assist with Preparation and Admin Tasks
Communicate with your daughter about how you would like to contribute to the wedding planning. You can undertake tasks that will reduce her to-do list and assist her throughout the planning process without being too overly involved. Our favourite tips are:
  • Help create the guest list early by collecting important guest names and organizing their contact details so your daughter can compile her RSVP list. 
  • Help create the gift registry. As guests will most likely contact you for the gift information, you will be prepared to guide them in the right direction.
  • Help your daughter choose her dress. Remember to be supportive, kind and honest. After all, a mother knows best!
  • Whether you are funding the wedding or not, help your daughter to stay on budget by offering assistance with any costs or financial enquiries.
  • Discuss with your daughter if you will be reading during the service or offering a toast or speech at the reception. Even if you're not expected to speak, prepare a short speech just in case you are asked to say a word or two.
  • Put together an emergency kit for any potential mishaps that your daughter or her bridal party may encounter. Think bobby pins, safety pins, tissues, painkillers, mints or even gel shoe grips! 
  1. Provide Emotional Support
Your greatest offer to your daughter is your undevoted emotional support as her mother. Weddings can be stressful so show you are always there for her and support her through the wedding planning process from start to finish. Be prepared to help her through any difficulties or predicaments with open hands and a shoulder to lean on. Don’t forget to pack the tissues on the big day!
  1. Network with the Guests of Honour
Get to know your daughter’s bridal party and the important guests beforehand. A casual get together where you can break the ice with the bridesmaids, Mother of the Groom or any other VIP family members is a perfect way to get familiar with your new family and friends. This will make it easier to communicate with them and support them throughout their roles and duties on the wedding day. 
  1. Take (and Know) Your Place
The Mother of the Bride is often the hostess who greets the guests as they arrive. Welcome the guests with warmth as this will help them feel comfortable and set the atmosphere for the rest of the day. Know your place for the ceremony and the reception. Depending on your background and religious tradition, the Mother of the Bride may walk the daughter down the aisle or be the last to walk the aisle. At the reception, remember to acknowledge the guests and know which table is yours. 
  1. Dress for Success
As the Mother of the Bride, you are the Guest of Honour. There is no denying that you will need to choose a dress to match, one that will have you looking elegant and feeling beautiful. The key is to find the balance between comfortable and stylish for an all-day wear. Focus on details and finishes that will have you stand out from the crowd, without overshadowing the bride - like glistening sequin dresses, hand-beaded styles or textured embroidery. Choose a dress that will reflect well in photographs and at all angles. Try on your outfit more than once - play with the zip or any embellishments and practice your dance moves so that you are comfortable with wearing it on the day.
Once you have picked your dress, discuss your choice with the Mother of the Groom. It is traditional etiquette for you to choose your dress first and then consult with the Mother of the Groom to make sure you do not clash. Opt for a complementary colour scheme without matching entirely.  
  1. Celebrate in Style
Enjoy and celebrate! Cherish this unforgettable moment with your close family and friends. Make sure to take time out of the day to be with your daughter and remind her of how proud and happy you are to be her mother.