Inspired Moments: Gold Whispers

An inspired love story always evokes a sense of eternal warmth and everlasting richness. What goes hand in hand with this are details which emulate the glimmer in one’s eyes and the sparkle of a smile. The small details are the best kinds of details and this is true in all facets of life – from an instant attraction to a magical moment. Golden glows are threaded throughout deep and passionate love stories and can be seen in the aura of a couple who are fiercely in love. A whisper of champagne and a metallic fleck are the perfect ways to emulate this kind of love story.

Inspired by golden hues, wild luxury, champagne pops and a regal roar. The colour of an eternal love is often associated with these champagne tones which are a symbol of celebration and connection. We inspire you to create your dream wedding theme and inspire you through our signature prints, textures and cuts. Dream up your ideal wedding that is all things golden, and be inspired by some of our selects to take your day to a whole new level.

The wedding planning process can always lean towards the more stressful side, but our inspired moments series is here to bring you new ideas and inspiration for your big day. From typography for wedding invitations to florals for ideal table settings, we have compiled a small directory that resides within the theme of champagne whispers, and which is inspired by our signature prints and details.



Artistic Inspirations

Inspired by art and form, your champagne whispers wedding should be inspired by golden hues, metallic statements and distinct shapes. Certain forms and shades can shape the story of your wedding day and the little details should be considered for a wedding reception that is all things warm and rich. We are inspired by Cy Twombly’s Untitled Sculpture which emulates the elegance of golden dripped florals and sleek lines, and Claude Lalanne’s Iola’s Flatware, which is golden vermeil and illustrates the beauty of small metallic pops and unique serveware.


Metallic Florals

Bouquets and tablescapes lined with flecks of metallics are a great way to incorporate gold tones into your wedding. These golden anthuriums by @madelineanne_designs are chic and oh so glamourous. They are subtly bold yet elegant, and they are a great way to weave champagne tones throughout your wedding.


Champagne Waterfalls

A champagne tower is the ultimate luxurious addition to your wedding reception, wedding photoshoot, after party or recovery party. A champagne tower is a cascade of elegance that features golden bubbles descending across tiers of champagne coupes. We love this champagne tower from @folastyling, it encapsulates all things refined and elegant and perfectly ties together metallic flecks, rich qualities and a cherished celebration. Glimmers and golden touches will add depth and dimension to your wedding reception.


Sparkling Stems

Don’t stop at champagne towers, incorporate glimmered elements through all your serveware, including your champagne stem glasses. The golden shell champagne coupes are by @centa_project, and they are a great way to subtly enhance a golden wedding palette. They are chic yet modern, and their charm mirrors the charm of a rich motif. Dot these shell glasses throughout the tabletops of your wedding reception to create a scene that emulates a metallic fleck and a signature print.


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