Cocktails & Cocktail Dresses

It is the obvious combo, sipping on your favourite cocktail while wearing your most prized cocktail dress. When we think of cocktail dresses, we first think of the dress but then we think of cocktails, the drink (is this just us that thinks like this?). Like the idea of wine pairings, a dress and a drink pairing are quite a bit of fun too. First think of the occasion, the location and then, what will you be drinking? Sipping on a dirty martini with a pristine blue stuffed Sicilian olive? Or will you be waltzing around the party with a classic margarita in tow? Either way matching your look with your drink is a fun way to go about things.

Cocktail dresses are obviously made for the cocktail dress code, but they are all a go to when it comes to after work drinks with a girlfriend, a late night party or an evening at a restaurant. All of which usually tend to involve a beautifully made spritz or a lick of limoncello. Choose a cocktail dress which not only suits the occasion you will be attending, but also one which you can have a bit of fun in. A cocktail dress with sequins, beading, flowy features or feminine details are what to look out for when shopping for your evening out.


The Wedding Cocktails: Dirty Martinis & Sparkling Moments

The wedding dress code: cocktail, the in between ceremony and reception drinks: dirty martinis with green olives. The obvious choice? Green, but not just any shade of green, a deep timeless gleam of emerald green. Emerald green is the perfect colour to wear to such affair, it is chic, regal and will allow you to glow. The shade of emerald compliments both blondes and brunettes, making it a versatile colour choice. Choose a sequin stamped cocktail dress or a printed dress with metallic flecks, either way the sparkles will allow you to glow while you sip on your olive dotted martini, and further into the night when you are on the dance floor.  


After Work Drinks: Espresso Martinis & Sleek Lines

There is nothing quite as refined as an espresso martini. This cocktail is the definition of sophistication and when the clock strikes 5pm it is time to galivant to the nearest bar with your friends in tow for something you have craved all day, maybe even all week – the espresso martini. What to wear to such event? A sleek cocktail dress. If you love to fill your wardrobe with black then this one is for you. A little black dress of sorts is what to wear for a night out after work. It could be something simple yet sophisticated or something with a little extra sparkle, either way make it a sleek slim fit style dress for a moment of chicness.


The Restaurant Evening: Mulled Wines & Lustrous Textures

Its late on a Saturday and you are about to dash out of the house for date night or a dinner with friends. If the air is a bit crisp and sends a shiver then opt for a luxe velvet dress to keep you warm yet chic. And what to drink with such a luxurious style? Keep the mulled wines coming all night long, and not to mention the fondue. Velvet is a cold weather staple, and is the perfect dress to wear during the winter season. Escape the house in winter with velvet as your BFF, and know you have no excuse to not leave the house for a magical evening out.



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