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What to Wear to a Ladies Lunch

What to Wear to a Ladies Lunch

Now more than ever, a luncheon is a great way to catch up with friends and family, enjoy great food and be present with your loved ones. A luncheon is historically associated with well dressed women who would meet for a social lunch. So embody this and dress to impress at your next ladies’ luncheon! Whether you are celebrating with friends or attending a business luncheon, we have put together our best tips and favourite outfits for your next lunch out. 

Where does the term Ladies Who Lunch come from?

The origin of the phrase is famously disputed, John Fairchild from Women’s Wear Daily claims he coined the term, while others argue that New York magazine writer Merle Rubine used it first. Nowadays, the term is still used widely and has become a trendy adaptation to describe different social events - from birthday parties, baby showers, to charity events, there’s always a reason for ladies to lunch!

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What should I consider when dressing for a luncheon?

Your invitation may not provide much information to help you decide on an outfit, so it is important to consider the following. 

  • The Venue
  • The best way to dress up for your luncheon is to consider the type of venue you are attending. If you are going to a seaside cafe, opt for a floral print, floaty dress to match the beach vibes. If you are attending a more formal venue like a restaurant or reception venue, consider dressing up for a formal daytime look. A business or charity luncheon calls for a well fitted pantsuit or work appropriate cocktail dress, finished with simple heels and gold jewellery. The sharp tailoring and contemporary look of our Brooklyn playsuit is perfect for a business luncheon!

    Brooklyn Jumpsuit Black

  • The Occasion 
  • A luncheon is a day that you can celebrate anything from a baby shower, engagement party, to a charity lunch - so choose an outfit that complements the occasion. For a charity luncheon, choose sophisticated and modest outfits with a knee length hem. A floaty and feminine dress is perfect for a social luncheon with friends, worn with low heels and your favourite accessories. For a more formal occasion like a bridal shower, use this as an excuse to dress up! Opt for a cocktail dress like our Luna dress with heels and statement accessories that will have you standing out from the crowd. 

    Luna Cocktail Dress

  • The Season
  • The season of your luncheon will determine what kind of dress is suitable for your day. As luncheons can be an all day occasion, you want to dress comfortably for the weather. You don’t want to be stuck wearing a full length, long sleeve dress on a hot day! Opt for colours that match the time of year - think florals for spring, ivory for summer and block colours for winter or autumn.

    Melanie Floral Dress

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