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When choosing bridesmaid dresses, you have to be mindful of each induvial, you want to make sure each bridesmaid is comfortable and happy. This can make it a tricky and daunting task. That is why we are here to help and we have some tips that will help you out. 

  1. Work collaboratively – Make it fun and look at dresses together with your bridesmaids. A good idea for sharing dresses is to make a mood-board.

  1. Think About Colour – Consider you bridesmaids skin tones and what will work for all as well as what will suit the bridal gown, venue, theme and season. Before you start deciding on colours and styles, gain inspiration through resources such as bridal magazines and Pinterest. You can then get an idea of what you want to wear as the bride and what your bridesmaids like to.

  1. Make it exciting - The experience should be fun for everyone. If you are very strong minded try to keep it low key as you do not want to hurt feelings. If your bridesmaids do not have a big budget then keep costs as low as you can because you don't want to put pressure on your bridesmaids. Ensure you are organized and leave plenty of time for fittings and alterations to keep stress levels low.

  2. Accessorise – It’s not all about the dresses! Think of the style of jewellery you want to match the dress and how it can complete the look.

Shown above are the Piper Rose Gold and the Ellis Gold earrings.

To help you find the perfect bridesmaid dress we have selected some of our favourites below. 

We also have multiple styles and colours available for custom order if you are unable to find the perfect dress and sizes. These can be found here; custom eveningwear.

For more styling tips or information on our products, contact us at to be in contact with one of our digital stylists or shop our new arrivals now!

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