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Spotlight on Sleeves

Spotlight on Sleeves

As the cooler weather continues, our stylists at Montique want to put the spotlight on everything related to sleeves! They offer warmth, coverage and can provide a polished finish for your outfit. From sheer to beaded styles, we have curated our best-loved dresses that adorn our favourite types of sleeves.

Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are one of the key trends that are having their time in the spotlight this season. Fitted on the shoulders but flaring out from the elbow or wrist, bell sleeves are a modern and sleek option to cover your arms and give extra coverage for the area you may not want to show. When shopping for styles with bell sleeves, opt for choices that are elaborate and vibrant, then keep the rest of your look minimal with a complementary colour palette or streamlined silhouette.

Greta Montique Dress


Sheer sleeves add the right amount of glamour to your seasonal wardrobe while keeping you warm. Sheer sleeves are also perfect for your wardrobe because of the versatility of the fabric. They can be worn in spring and autumn without feeling too hot. Our best seller styles, the Maree and Mareliza, feature sheer chiffon sleeves that flow delicately down the arms and are decorated with beautiful floral prints.

Sheer Sleeves

Ruffle sleeves

Ruffle or flounce sleeves are similar to bell sleeves but are more subtle and feminine. Created by sewing a separate piece of fabric to the sleeve, the excess fabric creates a soft ruffled effect that gives shape and texture to your outfit. The size of the ruffle will determine your level of dramatics - large flounce sleeves are best for a statement, head-turning look. 

Latina Dress

Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Off-the-shoulder sleeves are versatile and elegant choices that work well for every body shape. They elongate your neck, balance your body shape, and streamlines your silhouette. Off-the-shoulder sleeves are a sultry and daring option by delicately showcasing your collarbone area whilst still remaining feminine. The Aerin (another best-seller!) plays up the femininity with an off-the-shoulder-style whilst adorning a cape style sleeve for extra coverage over the arms. 

Off the Shoulder Montique Styles


Beaded sleeves demand attention, and rightfully so! Beaded sleeves are accented with luxurious sequins and beads in elaborate patterns to make a statement and bring the eyes to the sleeves. Beaded sleeves will have you sparkling with every step and add glamorous sophistication to your ensemble.

Juliette Rose Gold


Lace sleeves are a statement choice and give extra texture to your outfit, creating an instant focal point to your outfit. Lace sleeves let you be playful as they can be worn as bell sleeves, trumpet sleeves or ruffled sleeves for that extra wow factor. The intricate detailing of floral embroidery and rich tones adds an eye-catching element to your ensemble and are best paired with neutral or black heels and accessories. 

Lace Sleeves Montique

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