Musings On The Colour Green

A secondary colour that is brought to life with equal parts of blue and yellow, creating a marvellous subdued tone. The colour green radiates confidence of it's wearer as it symbolises both harmony and tranquillity. The colour green is deep rooted with connections to beautiful earthy tones unveiled in mother nature. Unlike other colours, green has the power of versatility, with different shades of green looking equally as vibrant on all skin tones. Green hues range from sage, mint, kelly green and emerald. Although it may seem scarily bold or out there at first glance, it's surprisingly easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe, and you will find that it looks good on everyone.

Different hues of green can be brought to life with different fabrics and designs. The royal emerald colour shines through Princess Diana’s rare emerald sequin gown that she wore in Austria in 1986. Similarly, the sheer qualities of Jennifer Lopez’ iconic Versace tropical print gown, which broke the internet at the time, allows for the emerald tropical print to be figure framing. Go green with different emerald textures and tones, including sequins, beads, metallics and chiffons.

From left to right / Princess Diana, 1985 / Keira Knightley in Atonement, 2007 / Grace Gown / Gwyneth Paltrow in Great Expectations, 1998 / Honour Dress / Jennifer Lopez in Versace, 2000 / Fifi Earrings / Vivian Gown


Iridescent Emerald

Emerald green is a royal jewel tone that deserves to shine in all of its glory. Iridescent fabrics include sequins and beads, and when added to an emerald coloured cocktail or full length gown they can be the perfect touch of detail, necessary to bring a final look together. Traditionally, illuminating emerald glows are representative of wealth, stability and affluence. Personalities who are drawn to emerald hand beaded and sequin gowns include those who radiate confidence and love to shimmer. Sparkling emerald dresses are perfect for garden weddings, especially for the mother of the bride and or groom.


Textured Emerald

The allure of the emerald coloured gowns undergoes a captivating transformation when textured fabrics come into play. The timeless charm of textures such as velvet or ribbed mesh in combination with emerald green hues creates a mystic and enchanting look perfect for autumn and winter occasions. The interplay of light and shadow on these textured surfaces adds depth and dimension to the rich green tones. Pairing textured dresses with contrasting accessories and wraps can be the perfect way to create a balanced look for a black tie, formal and or party.


Translucent Emerald

Translucent fabrics such as chiffon create a sense of ethereal elegance, seamlessly blending the vibrant allure of emerald green with the lightweight grace of chiffon. Chiffon styles effortlessly evoke a sense of enchantment, draping delicately around the body with a gentle sway that exudes femininity and sophistication. This lightweight fabric offers a romantic and mesmerising floating effect with movement, which is best suited for dancing at formal events or wedding after parties.


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