Celebrate: Lunar New Year & Valentine's Day

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with ruby reds, vibrant golds, jade greens & peaceful blues. At this time of year, a vibrant tapestry of festivities is occurring. A time of celebration, luck and love calls for styles with meaning, so that you can attend your events in a look that symbolises a sense of magic, love & richness. Red is a symbol of good luck in Chinese culture and gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

The spirit of this season, with its sense of passion, luck and prosperity, calls for a dress which is symbolic, bold and elegant. Embrace the magic of the new year with a gift to yourself or for someone you love, whether it be a vibrant red dress or some glimmering gold jewellery.


The Flame Of Celebration

Red is a core colour when it comes to new year festivities. It holds strong connotations of love and is a symbol of passion and luck. Picture a flowing scarlet dress to capture the essence of Valentines Day and to embody the spirited joy of Lunar New Year festivities. Red is more than a colour, it is a beacon of energy, and it is the perfect shade to adorn yourself in this season. Wear a flowing red dress or a red skirt with some matching red heels for your next celebration.


A Sunbeam Of Opulence

Under the golden sun, a shimmer of gold takes centre stage. Gold represents wealth, abundance and good fortune. A golden metallic dress or golden jewellery can be worn to your next celebration to mirror the richness of tradition and the promise of a prosperous new beginning. Choose a dress with golden embroidery or metallic accents for a look of sophistication. Gift yourself or your loved ones with some gold earrings to ring in the new year.  



Tranquillity & Growth

In the embrace of February festivities, unfold in the radiant hues of growth and renewal. Associated with the world element, jade green and blues symbolise growth and are used to represent longevity and harmony. Choose a bright green cocktail dress as a sign of new beginnings and protection. A floral printed dress will breathe an air of freshness into the new year. Opt for an azure sky blue dress for your celebration if you wish to symbolise healing and trust.


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