Black & White Weddings

The black and white theme is undeniably timeless in both the world of weddings as well as parties, gala and the likes. The reason for this is clear – the combo will always a classic, and even when it is not a combo, black and white shades will forever be neutrals both in décor and styling. Let’s not forget about the iconic White Party of the Hamptons. Black and white exudes sophistication, grace and a sense of understated luxury, call it quiet luxury if you will, ala Sofia Richie-esque. The allure of this monochromatic combo is one for the ages, and the black and white dress code is one which will create a sense of unity and cohesion for an unforgettable celebration.

When it comes to weddings, the décor isn’t the only thing at play. When we say décor we mean the overall styling, the florals and bouquets and the cake. So, when you consider a theme or a dress code for your wedding you can weave this through the décor only, if you want but you can also have your wedding guests and bridal party match the theme with what they wear. A black and white or black or white dress code will look spectacular when all guests adhere to it.


Noir & More

What does an all black wedding entail? The key thing to remember with an all black wedding is that it still needs to be balanced out with any tone, such as white, when it comes to the décor so that it does not look too heavy or dark. Mood lightning is a good idea if you want to opt for a black and white wedding, a candlelit table is a good way to do this and provides a very romantic atmosphere. You can have your bridesmaids and your wedding guests in all black and this will provide a fabulous contrast against your white wedding gown. Wedding guests and bridesmaids being dressed in black is becoming popular and looks great in wedding photos.


All In White

‘The wedding guest wore white!’ This phase usually gets a shock reaction but some brides and grooms want their wedding guests and bridal party in white. An all white wedding theme is becoming more and more popular and looks especially perfect with a garden or a beach backdrop. And while the guests wear white the bride may even wear something not so white – say bright pink, something blue or even champagne sparkles. An all white wedding palette with décor could include things such as billowing white drapes, delicate floral arrangements bursting with orchid blooms, and pristine white chairs framing the aisle. Such details alongside white bridesmaids and wedding guests will create an atmosphere of refined elegance.


Black & White

Now for the classic, the combination of black and white for a wedding theme is always a timeless look. The décor can simply be a mix of the two tones throughout the bouquets, the lighting and the overall setup. You can ask you wedding guests to wear either a black or a white dress and even have your bridesmaids in a mix of black and white dresses for a beautiful contrasting look.


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