Party Outfits You'll Never Take Off

Getting ready for a party is as easy as 1,2,3. It involves the party dress, the accessories and any fun or functional add ons, such as the bolero or a jacket or a belt. Often one can get caught up in the details when choosing an outfit for a party. This can include question like what type of party am I going to? What will everyone else be wearing? Is this too fancy? (And it never is too fancy – always wear the dress!). Sure, there is always a dress code and sometimes that can be smart casual or it can sometimes be a little more extravagant, such as cocktail. Either way party dressing can be made simple with straightforward steps and styles that are lovable and versatile.


First Step: A Dress You Can Move In

The party dress choice should be made with comfort and style in mind. Something that is easy to move in and will suit the dance floor is always a plus. You can opt for floral styles that are perfect for year-round events or a block colour that can suit both casual and cocktail events.


Second Step: An Accessory Pop

To take your look from conference to cocktails, an accessory or two never goes astray. Pick earrings that make your eyes gleam and that compliment the dress you are after. A pink dress calls for rose gold metallics, and a navy dress yearns for some pops of emerald green jewels. Obviously, a bag and some pumps are very much needed accessories also.



Add Ons: The Bolero

An add on can be many things (but remember, not too many things!). From boleros and jackets at that Peninsula wedding to belts and bags for when you want to jazz things up. A bolero is the perfect accessory to adopt for when you just need that extra layer.


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