Wedding Guest Colour Palettes: Vintage Vineyard

The idea of providing guests with a colour palette may seem unconventional, but it's a concept that's catching on fast. Couples are looking to create cohesive and visually stunning weddings that feel curated and intentional. A defined colour palette for guests adds to the overall aesthetic, making photos look more harmonious and the event feel more put together. It's a way to involve guests in the theme, making them feel like an integral part of the celebration.

Platforms such as Pinterest are flooded with mood boards and inspiration galleries that showcase these trends. Brides and grooms are increasingly turning to these platforms to communicate their vision to their guests. By creating and sharing a Pinterest mood board, couples can offer visual inspiration, ensuring everyone is on the same page (literally and figuratively) regarding the desired look and feel of the event. Our signature prints, textures and cuts take inspiration from a vintage vineyard wedding guest colour palette, gem tones and dark hues make for a perfect winter winery wedding colours.

Merlot & Red

The deep wine hues of merlot and reds are a cornerstone for a wedding palette which is inspired by a vintage vineyard. Guests can wear any kind of red tone from a bright red to a deeper red shade for the winery wedding. Shade of red are bold and luxurious, and they exude sophistication and romance, perfect for a wedding day. Female wedding guests could opt for a dress in a red shade, while male wedding guests can match the colour of their tie with the colour of their partner’s dress.


Chocolate & Earthy

Adding a touch of earthy richness, chocolate brown complements the deeper reds and adds warmth to the palette. A deep chocolate colour looks best in a sequin or metallic style. Opt for a sequin gown for a black tie winery wedding, or a metallic style with sleeves in a chocolate hue for a winter wedding. Wear with barely there heels and gold jewellery for the ultimate wedding guest statement.

Black & Sleek

You can never go wrong with black, and when the vibe is winter, winery and wedding, then black can be your go to. Black grounds out the vintage vineyard wedding guest colour palette and provides a sleek and formal touch. The timeless elegance of black cannot be overstated. Black attire for wedding guests will aid in creating a chic and cohesive look for your colour scheme.


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