A New Colourful You

After long years with most of the time indoors, wearing that set of track pants and jumpers 24/7, many things were forgotten in the back of the closet. But with the approach of the end of the year comes the idea of ​​​​renewal – in the wardrobe too! This is definitely the best time of year to rummage through everything that no longer fits, pieces that were last used a while ago or even what is no longer part of our style. And with that, freeing up space for new items that will make history in the coming year.

In the fashion world, we hear a lot about the following trending colours, and with each passing season, we are anxious to know which cards promise to invade our looks. So, while the colour trends of the last few years tended more towards comfort and stability, the coming months, in contrast, will bring us a bolder and brighter palette. Here are some of the colours that will not get out of your head next year:

Intense, cheerful, striking and solar colour. It's an easy colour to combine. First, if you're more discreet, combine it with white; now, if you like to be daring, tangerine combines with pink, blue, and green. It's the perfect colour for those who want to raise their self-esteem and confidence and maintain optimism. Bet on a one-shoulder dress with ruffles that turn anyone's head, or take stock with a light and fresh wrap dress breaking the strong colour.


Kelly Green
This shade of green has been flooding social networks in recent weeks. It is a colour of renewal, nature and energy, associated with growth and the environment. It is vibrant, fresh and versatile when it comes to combining. For a styling touch, combine it with colours like pink or blue.


Fuchsia or Hot Pink
It is a colour generally related to sensuality and femininity. It can also emphasize your beautiful tan favourably and facial features, giving freshness. Fuchsia looks even more modern and well-balanced when paired with equally vibrant colours. However, the combination of fuchsia and more sober tones leaves nothing to be desired. Try it with white or blue for fresher looks or with black, brown and grey for more softer outfits.


Wrap Dress
And the best thing about this summer is that we can find all these colours in the Tamara Dress, our new favourite wrap dress. The Wrap Dress was created 45 years ago by Belgian fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg. With the slogan "Feel like a woman. Wear a dress", the model reached the mark of four million dresses sold in the world in the first year of life, contributing to Diane, at the time 26 years old, being recognized as one of the most renowned stylists in the world. Today it continues to have countless reinterpretations over the years and has become a symbol of elegance and class.



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