An Ultra Feminine Oaks Day

Oaks Day is the ultimate ladies’ day and when we say ladies’ day, we are talking about all things pink, pastel, light and oh so girly glam. Caulfield Cup and Melbourne Cup encourage the tradition of wearing bold and bright colours but Oaks Day can be a little more paired back and instead just requires race day attendees to don shades of sky blues, pastel pink and any other shades that represent chic femininity.  

There are many racing trends this season but for Oaks Day we like to focus on a certain few. From diamante covered headbands to classic crystal drop earrings. Dainty and feminine is the vibe we are going for on Oaks Day. Pick out a pastel-coloured dress, a chic shoe and a glamorous headpiece to complete your Oaks Day look.


Perfect With Pastels

Oaks Day is all about showing a certain air of femininity and grace, and one of the best ways to do this is to embrace whimsical colours such as pastels and wear dresses which are bright and delicate. Soft hues are perfect for spring races and will look great in many forms – from lavender lace inspired cocktail dresses to sky blue headpieces that you will just fawn over.



Pearly Decadence

What is more girly than a pearl? This Oaks Day embrace the trend of the classic. Pearl inspired dresses and pearl accessories are the perfect options for a Ladies Day trackside. Pair a pearl headpiece with a pastel-coloured dress to perfectly embrace a sense of femininity. Wear your look with some chic heels and you are ready to race.


Hot Pink Pieces

Hot pink is all the rave and it is the perfect colour for Oaks Day if you want to steer away from pastels and be a little more bold. It has all the personality and it will totally attract eyeballs in the best way possible. Think a hot pink cocktail dress or a hot pink jumpsuit (yes! Jumpsuits are totally acceptable for spring race season) paired with daring hot pink heels for a total monochrome look. You will look oh so feminine and totally fabulous.


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