Beaded Dresses For Mum

Summer is in full swing and those high summer events are just around the corner. For summer weddings, mothers of the bride and mother of the groom want to be seen in styles that are perfect for the hot weather. Cocktail dresses are the perfect length for your child’s warm weathered wedding and beaded cocktail dresses provide a sublime combination of short length and sparkly embellishments so that you can look and feel like a star on the big day.

Cocktail dresses are made for garden weddings and outdoor receptions. A cocktail dress is a modern knee length dress that is the perfect option for a daytime event. You can opt for the traditional navy coloured cocktail dress or you can choose a sage green or sky-blue coloured dress which will bring a different kind of shimmer to your child’s important day. If you prefer to have a little extra arm coverage you can always choose to go for a knee length cocktail dress that has a long sleeve, or you can choose to add a bolero or a jacket to a shorter sleeved cocktail dress.


Knee Length, Long Sleeve

Beaded dresses are the perfect option for a mother of the bride or mother of the groom look. Cocktail beaded styles make for a flattering option for summer weddings. Lighter shades such as mink and sage green will keep you looking bright and festive for weddings during these warmer months and through to the Easter season. A longer sleeve is the perfect option for those who want to cover up their arms. The beaded cocktail dress is of utmost elegance and sophistication, and it is perfect for your child’s big day. Pair your cocktail dress with some earrings or a headband for a put together look.



Knee Length, Short Sleeve

This one is for the chicest mothers of the bride. Sparkly and shimmery is the perfect combination for your child’s wedding day. Stand proud with the bridal party in a blue coloured shade for the upcoming summer wedding. Navy is a traditional choice for a mother of the bride look while sky blue is the perfect modern twist on mother of the bride style. A cocktail length will provide that perfect knee length style and you can choose a shorter sleeve for a little less coverage in the high summer weeks. If you want to cover those arms up a little, choose a matching bolero or jacket to perfectly compliment your outfit.


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