Black Tie Attire & Etiquette

It’s the season to update your black tie wardrobe. Whether it be a wedding, birthday party, work event or a charity gala, black tie season is fast approaching. With this comes not only the time to start shopping, trying on different styles and researching ideas, but also the time to start thinking about what is appropriate for the popular dress code and the type of event you are attending.

Black tie events exude an air of sophistication and glamour which means that they demand a level of sartorial elegance and refined conduct. Understanding the nuances of black tie attire and etiquette is essential for making a lasting impression, and to ensure that you master you next black tie occasion.

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Decoding Black Tie Attire

To put it simply, black tie is a formal dress code which is often used for night time social functions and weddings. This dress code is often reserved for after dark events such as award ceremonies, formal birthday parties and balls or galas. Due to its sense of prestige and its timeless style, this particular dress code requires a sophisticated and elegant evening gown to match. Men are required to wear a tuxedo, crisp dress shirt and black bow tie, and extras such as cufflinks or waistcoats are also encouraged. Women are required to dress in a floor length gown or a gown with a full skirt, elegant jewellery and accessories and have their hair in an updo or soft waves. Block colours such as black or navy will suit best for a traditional black tie dress code but more contemporary shades can also be appropriate.


A Modern Black Tie

While black tie is steeped in tradition, there is room for a bit of interpretation and personal style. One thing is to experiment with colours, you could wear a gown with jewel tones or a bold colour. You could even opt for different and unique textures such as metallic lurex, sequin details or a hand beaded gown. Accessories are another good way to inject some modern personal stye into a black tie look. Unique and colourful jewellery will add a bit more essence to your look.


Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

Adhering to proper etiquette is just as important as dressing the part when it comes to black tie affairs. Some things to keep in mind are to RSVP promptly and on time and to arrive punctually – right on time to be handed that first cocktail! Polite conversation and graciousness towards fellow guests and the hosts are also important key things to consider. Mastering the black tie dress code goes beyond dressing up, and by adhering to these timeless principles you will be able to navigate the occasion with elegance and ease.  


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