Favourite Full Length Dresses

Full and folding skirts, billowing ruffled fabric and dancing drapey styles are all elements which form together to create elegant evening dresses that are made for weddings, black tie galas and special balls. Steal the show at your next formal event with a long dress that will have you feeling magical. Different silhouettes and classic fits create perfect full-length gowns for any occasion and every body type.

Full length dresses make an elegant option for a night out that includes cocktails, five-star meals and good friends. Long dresses have connotations of formal elegance, from maxi dresses to floor length options – the long dress comes in many different style options. A long draping dress will guarantee a head turn at your next event, and there are many options to suit.


Long Dresses And Lots Of Occasions

Long dresses with form flattering silhouettes and sweeping fabrics are the perfect option for red carpet events and galas and weddings. Whether you want a gown, a maxi dress or a full-length dress, the best options are the ones that stand out to you and reflect your personal style. Pair your full-length dress with some jewellery and chic heels for the ultimate look.



Long Dresses And Layering

For those that always love to add a little extra to their look, long dresses are the best choice for layering pieces. Pair a formal dress with an elegant jacket or bolero and keep your outfit chic by layering and creating an inspiring combo to show of your personal style. A long dress without sleeves can be paired with a bolero. If you prefer a dress with sleeves then you can use the layering tool by layering jewellery, start with earrings and then necklaces and voila!


Long Dresses For The Seasons

With its long and flowing material, a full-length dress is great for the colder months and as a transeasonal statement piece. Keep warm in the cooler months by covering yourself in elegant fabrics and chic shapes and silhouettes. A maxi dress is so versatile, it is also a perfect piece for the warmer months. Chose a dress that is made from a lightweight fabric such as a chiffon gown that will flow beautifully in the summer breeze.  


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