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When it comes to your wedding day, you bridesmaids are with you through it all. From throwing you a fabulous hen’s and helping to prepare your bridal shower, to standing by your side as you wed. Your bridesmaids could be your childhood friends, your sisters or your favourite cousins, they are the people that mean the most to you. After asking them to be your bridesmaids and picking out their dresses, it is time to gift them with a token that shows your utmost appreciation for them. This gift could be a pair of earrings which would be perfectly suitable as they could be worn on the day of your wedding with a matching bridesmaids dress. You could choose to switch up earrings styles for each bridesmaid based on their unique personality, or have your bridesmaids uniformly accessorised.

From the classic bridesmaid to the bohemian bridesmaid, each of your bridesmaids have a unique personality and style and it can be a huge feat to find a dress that suits everyone’s taste and preferences. By matching a gifted pair of earrings to your bridesmaids’ dress, you are able to emphasise each girl’s distinctive flair and style. They will feel like their true and authentic selves on your special day.


For The Classic Girl

The classic girl yearns for all things that scream timeless staples. She is a classic dresser, loves a capsule wardrobe, and is considerate when it comes to adding to her jewellery box. The classic bridesmaid will wear a dress that can be worn again, think to her next formal event or maybe she will shorten it for a cocktail party? Or to wear as a future wedding guest? Either way, this means that she will be dressed in a chic and sleek satin midi dress that can be paired with classic crystal stud that she will forever wear.   



For The Dazzling Diva

Sure, she maybe a little bit of a diva, but a diva always knows how to dazzle. The dazzling diva will love you if you dress her in a style that sparkles a little, but still doesn’t take away from your wedding dress look. The dazzling diva can be styled in a dress that will shimmer when she is on the dance floor, and when it comes to her earring gift you can go all out. Gift her with a pair of earrings that match her beaded dress, and some colourful earrings would be a gorgeous choice.  


For The Modern Muse

The modern muse loves contemporary styles and shapes, she is a forward thinker and a trendy dresser. The modern muse bridesmaid can be dressed in a style that has unique embellishments and which is a current and trending colour, maybe she can be dressed in black? Black dresses for bridesmaids are chic and sophisticated and will perfect contrast with your white wedding gown. Pair this with modern style earrings such as stark jewel encrusted earrings or bold and contemporary shaped jewellery.


For The Spirited Bohemian

The spirited bohemian can be dressed in a bridesmaid style that is oh so flowy and dreamy. The bohemian bridesmaid is a free spirit and will accept any style that is offered her way, but her true heart desires an ethereal dress which is whimsical and floaty. A full-length dress is a perfect choice, and a chiffon dress is even better as it will dance in the afternoon breeze. Pair this dress with earrings that have organic shapes and natural colours, a bright green coloured pair of earrings with distinct forms is a perfect choice.


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