Can The Mother Of The Bride Or Groom Wear Black?

"Wearing black to a wedding is a faux pas" - they say. But is that still a rule? For the past few decades, when talking about the mother of the bride or mother of the groom's outfit colour, you would consider any possibility except two - black or white. New ideas and ‘rules’ are being headed by brides themselves, with brides asking guests or their own bridal party to wear all black (or another colour palette) to their weddings. And if this is not the case, a lot of brides are more than happy to see their guests in a black wedding guest dress. What we can say is that this old-school etiquette about wearing black to a wedding is becoming outdated. And just as the brides and bridesmaids are now wearing different colours down the aisle, moms are also choosing dresses in any colour that suits them, including black. This leads us to question, why was black once considered an inadequate choice for mums?

The colour black was (and in some cases still is) associated with grief and mourning. In some cultures, it is even a colour that symbolises the disapproval of the marriage and the partners choice. Therefore, certain people see it as an inappropriate shade to wear to a wedding. However, there has been a contemporary shift in preferences when it comes to colour palettes for weddings. Black is always favourite to wear to formal events due to its sophistication and elegance, so why not wear it to a wedding. At the end of the day, it is up to the bride and groom when it comes to what colours they want to have threaded throughout their big day, and black is seemingly a new favourite colour to wear especially for formal and black tie weddings.


Black Or No Black?

The most important point is to ask the bride's opinion regarding this. Suppose she's like most brides and wouldn't consider that an issue, then absolutely go for it. But in case she disapproves, you can save the dress for another formal occasion and find a different colour for the wedding, such as a timeless navy hue or a colourful printed dress. And who said it needs to be entirely black? The bride may be happy for you to wear black to the wedding but would still love to see a bit of colour – maybe it’s a festive garden party? If so then you could either choose a printed black dress to inject some fun and character into your look or pair some colourful jewellery and bright heels with your elegant black dress. Black does not have to be seen as too simple or plain for a mother of the bride, and bold printed styles or jewellery can add dimension to your overall look.



Revealing Textures

Another element to consider when shopping for a black dress for your son or daughter’s wedding is texture. Although black may sometimes seem like a bore (we don’t agree!), textures, shape and silhouettes can play a huge part in making a black dress a little more extra. Fabric textures such as sequins and beads can add a modern twist to traditional black gowns. Other eye-catching textures that create an interesting look include black tulle and faux fur. Or opt for a v neck dress or a off the shoulder neckline to reveal a little more skin near your face and create a lovely contrast in the wedding photos.


Black Tie Dress Code

Black tie wedding dress codes are a popular choice, they are elegant and classic and a black floor length gown makes for a perfect option for this kind of affair. Opt for an embellished neckline or a sequin dress to elevate a black tie look. Something that sparkles will look extra special for a night time wedding. You can also look for black tie dresses with flattering necklines, gathering at the waist or mermaid skirt shapes, which all help to outline your silhouette making you feel comfortable and confident. You can also add some gold or silver accessories.



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