How To Care For Your Handed Beaded Gown

The intricate and detailed design of a beaded gown is stunning, and is perfect for weddings, black tie events and everything in between. An artful and sparkling design will leave you looking and feeling radiant. The purchase of a hand beaded dress is one full of excitement. You've RSVP'd, you've gone shopping and now you have scored your dress - all that is left is wearing it on the big day. 

After you have made your beaded dress purchase, you may go to think - how do I care for it, store it & maintain its beauty? These are valid questions as you will want to ensure that your hand beaded gown is in perfect condition for years to come.


Caring For Your Hand Beaded Dress

hand beaded gown is the perfect dress to make a statement and is suitable for many special events including those important weddingsrehearsal dinners and black-tie events. Therefore it is important to always treat your hand beaded gown with delicate care. The delicate nature of the fabric and the beading means it should not be put into contact with any sharp or rough surfaces. Some things that should also be watched out for are heels, textured clutches or over the shoulder bags and anything else that could cause damage to it or rub against the beading to cause friction. 


Storing Your Hand Beaded Dress

To further assist with the care of your handed bead gown it is important to store it properly, especially when you are travelling to a destination wedding or another special event. A garment bag will help you travel in confidence with your gown. A garment bag is durable and will provide the perfect safety net for your dress whether you are travelling on a plane or in the car. You can use a garment bag to carefully store your dress by folding it up. If you are not travelling, then it is recommend to keep your hand beaded dresses neatly folded in a drawer, this way the gown will not risk being stretched over time as it would when it is hanging up on a coat hanger for a longer period of time. 



Maintaining Your Hand Beaded Dress

It is important to follow the care instructions of your beaded dress as not all beaded styles can be dry cleaned. Those that can must be done as a specialist dry clean or a professional short cycle dry clean. The best place to find out how to care for your dress is to read the care label on the inside of the lining, this will help you to best understand how to wash and maintain your beaded gown. 


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