Dazzle All Day, Everyday

Anything that shimmers, glimmers or dazzles is usually thought to be only reserved for late night, after parties, or the festive season. But why should one be stopped from wearing something that sparkles for other occasions? Sparkles can be big (we love!) but they can also be more subtle, and they can even be dressed down depending on your event.

Shimmery things can come in all shapes and sizes. There are metallic accessories, sequin dresses, and styles that feature a minimal fleck of glimmering magic. A bit of transparency can also add a whole lot to a look, and if you are not keen on something too sparkly, then something a little sheer can add the perfect contrast that you may need to make your look stand out. Never be afraid to add a bit of dazzle to your everyday look or your after 5pm look.  


Sequin Sets

Yes, let’s start with the obvious. The sequin, but not in the way you may expect. No, it’s not an extravagant gown, instead it is a set. A sequin set. A co-ord set will always make your life a little easier, and it is perfect for a plethora of events (read: versatile as). A matching top and a matching bottom will immediately make you look chic, and when you match sequins on sequins you will look oh so chic. Another perfect thing about sets is you can mix and match them. To dress yourself down for after work drinks or a date night with girlfriends, pair a sequin top with some wide leg denim. Or if you would prefer to have sparkling legs, pair sequin trousers with an oversized white tee for the ultimate street style look.


Metallic Flecks

Let’s make things a little more subtle (or not, depending on how metallic you want to get). A printed dress with metallic flecks is always a good idea if you are wanting to add a bit of dazzle to a daytime look. Perfect for a picnic, a bridal shower or a christening. Metallic flecks will set you apart from the rest and will pair perfectly with your jewellery. If you want a little more than a fleck, then it is best to go all out in metallics. A metallic gown will make for a fabulous option for a black tie gala or a formal wedding. Pair with some chic metallic heels to go all out.


Sheer Magic

For those who want to bring a little dimension to their outfit but prefer to steer away from anything too sparkly (nothing is ever too sparkly in our books!), then opting for something contrasting is a good idea. A dress with sheer sleeves or a top that features a sheer moment is the perfect option to add something dynamic to your look. Sheer is in but you don’t need to bear all to take part in this trend, a dress with sheer sleeves is the perfect path to go down.


Jagged Edges   

Crystal cuts and jagged jewels are the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you want to add a little sparkle to your life – whether it is for work or party time. Jewellery is the perfect tool which can be used to dress up or down an outfit. It is also perfect for those who just love a little black dress but want to add some sparkle, or those who need a final touch of glimmer to go with their wedding dress.


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