Do's & Don'ts For Corporate Christmas Party Etiquette

Christmas parties are just around the corner. Even though most employees expect merrily for those events at the end of the year, there is also an unspoken etiquette of holiday office parties that make us uneasy. But don't worry, we are here to help you with do's and don'ts for corporate Christmas parties - so you can survive and thrive during these big events without harming your career reputation.

DO: Make an effort and show up.

We know it is a busy time of the year, with many events happening simultaneously, and you have already spent the whole year with your colleagues. Still, it is essential to attend the Christmas party. People will notice if you don't show up (and they will remember, believe it!) and appreciate your presence there. It is also an excellent opportunity to see another side of that co-worker to who you just talk about work stuff, right?

DO: Follow the dress code.

Whether you are a classic person or love making a statement, nothing is worse than not being appropriately dressed at a party. Take a look at the venue, talk to close colleagues and have an idea of the occasion. You may opt for a full-length gown or a sparkling dress if it is a glamorous dinner. If it is a daytime cocktail event, you could go for a midi length or a beautiful flowy printed dress.


DON'T: Leave the party without thanking the organizers.

Remember to thank the people responsible for making the event happen. It shows that you are polite and grateful and makes you stand out from those who don't do that. It is also lovely to be gracious and thank team members for all their hard work and support during the year.

DO: Take the opportunity to mingle and meet new colleagues.

That's an excellent opportunity to interact with co-workers you may not often see during the year. Make an effort to catch up with new colleagues.

DON'T: Talk about work only.

The Christmas party isn't the moment to start discussing work-related issues. Avoid these discussions and see this as an opportunity to get to know your colleagues personally.

DON'T: Overdress for the occasion.

The Christmas party is a festive gathering; however, it is still a business event with managers and colleagues. As we have said regarding the dress code, it's also essential to remember of do not to overdress for the situation. If the dress code is unclear, a classic black dress with statement accessories or a stylish jumpsuit will transit easily through different attires. Something too revealing or super thigh might not be adequate for the occasion - leave it for a friend's party.


DO: Relax and have fun.

And finally: enjoy it! After all, parties are made to be fun. So take advantage of this moment to relax, recharge, meet new people and build your network.


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