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Mother of the Bride: Popular Colours 2022

Mother of the Bride: Popular Colours 2022

As a mother of the bride or groom the wedding day is one of the most special experiences for yourself and your child so you want to look the part perfectly so you can feel gorgeous and confident. Traditionally the mother of the bride is to wear a shade that perfectly complements the bridal party colours but they do not need to necessarily match.

Whether you are after a long gown or a cocktail style dress we have put together a list of trending 2022 Mother of the Bride colours. See below for our most popular MOB and MOG styles. 



A celebration always needs a touch of champagne tones. Shades of mink and nude are popular colours for the MOB and MOG as they are elegantly flattering. Mink is a beautiful choice for when you want a lightly coloured dress that doesn’t take attention away from the bride's gown. Some of our most popular MOB and MOG mink styles are our Nadine which offers beautiful draping, our Serenity for a lovely lace look, and our Juliette which is gorgeous and glistening.

Mink will perfectly compliment bridesmaids that are in gold, sky blue or warm pinks.





Navy is the new neutral, and is the perfect shade for a wedding! If you prefer a darker colour but don’t want to wear black navy is the way to go. Navy is both flattering and timeless, and is very popular for MOB’s and MOG’s. Some of our most popular navy numbers include our Celia for a perfectly poised look, our Adora will have you dazzling all night long, and our Vienna for a floor length look.

Navy is a great choice if the bridesmaids are dressed in sky blue, ivory or nude.




Rose Gold

MOB’s and MOG’s love to look pretty in shades of pink for the special day! Rose golds and pinks are becoming popular colours as they are bright and versatile. Rose gold is an elevated neutral that is ever so glamourous. Our favourite picks in rose gold include our popular glimmering Juliette which is available for pre order now in both rose gold and mink! Our Odette is also perfect if you are after a shorter style dress, and our Aerin is the perfect timeless look.

Bridesmaids in sage, emerald or mink? A rose gold dress is the perfect choice!




Guests will be green with envy when they spot you in the striking shade of emerald. Emerald is a gorgeously bright colour for the mother of the bride to wear. Our Celine in emerald is an effortlessly beautiful cocktail style dress – an often-popular style for the MOB. Our Aerin in emerald is another timeless choice. If you love a monochrome look pair these emerald beauties with our Noa Earrings.

Emerald is a fabulous colour if the bridesmaids are in mink or shades of pink.  



The mother of the bride or groom will always look their best in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!