Dresses For Dusk

Shine until midnight and beyond in a gown that is both ethereal and whimsical. From organza trimmed gowns to gowns laced with metallic hues, a long flowing gown is the kind of style to choose for a night which may never end. Late night wedding receptions and after parties call for a dress that fits a midnight brief, something that make you feel like a shining star in the sky, and something that will match the endless champagne bubbles from the night. A bridal after party look or a wedding guest look should make you feel on top of the world as you dance way into the night.

Galas, black tie weddings and evening affairs call for gowns which are suitable for twilight timed events. For your next nightfall occasion, choose a style that will make you shine – and although you may love a sequin style, this does not necessary mean you have to wear something sparkly, some of us shine in a long flowing black gown or a perfectly printed maxi. Either way, choose a style which stands out to you, and you will be feeling alive all night long.


Noir For Nightfall

Black gowns are the choice for any large-scale event. A black gown is a versatile choice but is always chic. You can never go wrong in a sculptural black gala gown, it brings the drama and the elegance. A black gown for a gala event also acts like a blank canvas, you can add accessories to your look which will guarantee to turn heads. Try pairing metallic jewellery with your black dress, or a chic headpiece to add dimensional qualities.


Sparkles Like Stars

As dusk turns to dark, you must ensure you are still bright and bubbly. A metallic dress will help with this. Wearing a metallic coloured dress or a beaded gown to a formal gathering will ensure that you dazzle and delight everyone in your presence – just as the midnight stars do. Take your look up a notch by pairing your sparkling gown with some chic heels and a diamante clutch.


Drama At Dusk

Bring the drama at dusk. The sky has not yet turned dark and there is still some warmth in the air, embrace this feeling with a floral printed gown that will be the perfect centrepiece to any black-tie affair. Sure, you may think floral printed gowns are to be reserved for summer poolside soirees or a garden wedding, but there are many floral print gowns that bring the perfect amount of drama for a black-tie occasion.


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