Dressing Artfully

The art of formal dressing encompasses a multitude of stylistic choice ranging from the classic to the avant-garde. It requires a nuanced understanding of personal style, occasion appropriate attire, and the importance of individual detail in creating a polished look. When dressing artfully, it is important to consider the ‘extra’ elements. These are the embellishments that create statement making options within an outfit. When considering these statement making elements, it is also important to balance this with straightforward silhouettes which aid in accentuating one’s natural shape.

To create a formal wear look that is all about ‘the moment’, a few elements to consider are those which have connotations of feeling a little fancy. Feathers, bold prints and elevated textures and fabrics are all elements in which to consider when dressing artfully for your next event. Mastering these details will create timeless looks which will capture the essence of elegance and sophistication at every moment.


Fanciful Feathers

The use of feathers in apparel has long been associated with high-fashion trends, adding whimsy and movement to formal wear. Pair feather dresses with jewellery to create a chic look. Choosing the right accessories is essential in completing any ensemble – from statement jewellery pieces to sleek clutches or structured handbags; accessories can elevate a look from mundane to extraordinary.



Bold Motifs

Create a look that exudes effortless elegance by considering printed dresses options and bold motifs when choosing your outfit for your next formal event. Formal dresses which incorporate large printed motifs exude a classic femininity that is both timeless and chic. Rose printed dresses are one way to create a look that is both inspired and classic. These kinds of printed motifs can add dimension and texture to the look of a dress to create a sophisticated yet playful look. Continue the motif through your accessories too, by wearing a rose necktie or rose inspired jewellery


Elevated Textures & Fabrics

Mixing simple silhouettes with elevated fabrics and textures will always create a look that is artistically inspired. Taffeta fabric can elevate formal ensembles with its luxurious texture, and velvet is another fabric that can take a dress to a whole new level and can have seasonal qualities. When choosing a formal look, it is important to consider these kinds of fabrics so that you can look dramatic yet classic for your next event.


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