Musings On Animal Print

We like to say that leopard is a neutral, because it is. Arguably leopard print is one of the most timeless prints you can have in your collection. It is chic, can be worn with anything and it suits every kind of skin tone. Whether you like to call it the ‘old money’ or the bohemian aesthetic, the leopard print works for just about every occasion and every piece of clothing, this print can be seen in accessories, shoes, jeans, blouses and dresses. You name it, it probably is available in animal print. Before its rise to popularity in the fashion industry, animal prints were considered a sign of power, with Kings and Queens owning animal print rugs to show off their status, and hunters dressing themselves in leopard skin to embody the speed and agility of the animal. The leopard is known for its power and independence, and these are the qualities humans wanted to be known to manifest in society.

In the 1930’s, leopard skin prints became popular in Hollywood, and they soon caught the eye of consumers. The animal print was an adventurous and exciting change from the usual fashion, and designers started to produce more and more styles decorated with animal prints. The forties and fifties saw American pin up girls embrace the bold animal pattern, wearing corsets and body con style dresses that celebrated their silhouette. During the sixties, animal print gained mainstream popularity thanks to public figures like Elizabeth Taylor and films such as Party Girl (1958). Animal prints continued to be embraced throughout the 80’s and onwards, worn by the likes of celebrities such as Kate Moss and the Spice Girls. Nowadays, the animal print has become an iconic and classic style that is fierce yet feminine, neutral yet bold.

From left to right / Elizabeth Taylor, 1960s / Fern Dress & Sahara Dress / Cyd Charisse in Party Girl, 1958 / Sahara Dress / Fern Dress / Bridgette Bardot / Sahara Dress / Kate Moss by Annie Leibovitz


Leopard Print

Inspired by the daring yet timeless nature of the animal print, we implore you to discover the excitement that comes with wearing a printed styles that is chic yet classic. Animal print dresses can be worn for a plethora of occasions, from Sunday brunches with a glass of champagne in tow, to garden parties and dinners with friends. The leopard print dress is a talented style and can be worn during summer or in the depths of winter, it versatility has no bounds and it can be easily paired up or down, and can even be worn to the office with the right accessories. Wear a stack of golden bangles or some fierce chunky gold earrings with your leopard print dress for ultimate Pharaoh inspired elegance. 


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