Festive Fits: Christmas Black Tie

You may be hosting or guest-ing, either way the festive black tie is the time to style up a look that is equal parts classic and formal yet playful and fun. It’s time to get dressed up in our fanciest gowns and our most sparkling dresses for a festive black tie that will be full of much joy and cheer. Let’s set the scene with three different Christmas black tie events that may be on your calendar this year.

Whether it is for work, a family function or a charity do, there is always a theme and if there is no theme then there is a vibe. And what might that vibe be? Well, it can range from classic – think reds and greens, cherries on pavs and clinking champagne coupes. It could also be a white Christmas theme sans the snow (unless of course you are partying in a cooler region), and for this you would think icy blues and sapphire shades as well as crystal sparks and snowflake motifs. Finally, we have our classic black tie event which is always so prim and proper and often calls for a full-length gown and maybe even some full-length gloves.

From left to right / Branching Out Into Red by Tim Walker, 1997 / Elsa Gown / Pretty Woman, 1990 / Mira Gown / Lux Skirt / Rita Aarons by Slim Aarons, 1954 / Apollo Dress / Table by @gohar.world


A Classic Christmas

The classic Christmas party calls for a classic look of course and this means bold reds and greens. Although these are the shades you may often see at an ugly sweater party, this will be no ugly sweater party. Think ruffled red tulle dresses which will whimsically sway across the floor and lush taffeta skirts and red taffeta bows which will add the perfect feminine and festive touch. For a chic Christmas contrast choose a green earring to wear with your red dress, but if this is too much for you then pair your red look with some sparkling pink earring for a girly yet bright look.


A White Christmas

We love to feel the chill without actually feeling the chill, cosplaying winter during summer is so chic because instead of layering on the coats we get to pile on the icy crystal earrings and the sparkling off the shoulder dresses and sleeveless gowns. For a white Christmas inspired black tie event go all out with silver embellishments and crystal jewellery, these elements can be worn with bright blue coloured gowns and sequins or metallic dresses. It will be oh so frosty!


Prim & Proper

No theme this year? No worries! Dressing for a simple black tie event is an easy challenge, just think full length gowns, sleek style and sparkling embellishments. To make things a little more festive try a black sequin gown, it will be the perfect mix of fun yet classic. Add some chic heels and some drop jewelled earrings and you will be ready for any black tie function that comes your way this festive season.


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