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How to Dress for a Pear Shaped Body

How to Dress for a Pear Shaped Body

At Montique we know that every body shape is unique and we keep this in mind when we design dresses for all shapes and sizes. This week we are highlighting the beautiful pear shapes and what dresses to wear for a pear shaped body.

Montique Tips for Dressing for your Body Shape

  1. Use your outfit to balance your body parts such as your shoulders, hips or bust.
  2. Carefully consider colours, lines and patterns to draw the eye to areas you want to be focused on. This can help create curves, length, emphasise and even hide different body parts.
  3. Do not forget that it is okay to break the rules sometimes, as long as you have fun, are playful with your choices and flaunt your body with confidence!

What is the Pear Shape?

The Pear shape is characterised by large hips which are wider than your bust and shoulders. Your waist will generally be narrower compared to your hips and your hips and thighs are fuller - representing a gorgeous pear shape.

Pear Shape

What types of dresses look best on a pear shape?

For a pear shape, you want to look for dresses that draw attention to your upper body and create the illusion of volume at the top half to create a balanced silhouette. Play with proportions that elongate your body and focus on styles with detailing at the bust and waist to draw attention to this area. Enhance the look of your upper body whilst emphasising your waist and hip area to create a balanced ensemble.

A-line Dresses

The free flowing skirt of an A-line dress falls away from the hip, which helps to streamline your silhouette and balance your bottom half.

Fit-and-Flare Dresses

The Fit and flare style is similar to the A-line dress, but boasts a more defined waist and more flounce in the skirt. This style brings in your waist and offers comfort at your hips.

Wrap Dresses

The adjustable waist tie is perfect for defining your waist, and the V-neckline accentuates your neck and bust area which helps to balance your proportions.

How to Highlight the Upper Body

Visually adding more weight to the shoulders can be achieved with detailing, frills or a statement neckline.

Suggested Styles


Necklines should be wide, short and defined for a pear body shape. A statement neckline, such as a halter neck, boat neck or off-the-shoulder style will help you highlight your waist as one of your best assets whilst attracting the eye to your shoulder section. This means people will focus on this detailing at your neckline, and the straight off-the-shoulder style defines your shoulder area. A higher neckline with a wide colour or embellishments also adds attention to your neck. A v-neckline elongates your upper body whilst subtly sending the eye down your silhouette.


The right kind of sleeves for a pear shaped body will depend on the length of the sleeve. For short sleeves opt for wide and structured sleeves that will create volume at your shoulders. From flutter sleeves, bell sleeves to batwing sleeves, our dresses have perfectly constructed sleeves for a pear body shape. If you prefer a longer sleeve, the key is to let opt for structured, minimal style sleeves that taper down your arms.

How to Balance the Lower Body

Play down your lower body with a fuller skirt that will help balance out your hips with your upper body.


The style of skirt of your dress will help skim the body in the right places. A fuller skirt or flared style with a shape that is wider at the bottom will help balance out your proportions and divert attention to your waist and neckline. Dresses with an A-line or fit-and-flare skirt provide extra room for your hips whilst streamlining your lower half. Soft pleating or lace details add an elegant touch that will add extra detail to your silhouette.

Accessories for a Pear Shape

Focus on accessories on the top half of your body with delicate necklaces. Statement earrings that attract attention to the top half of your body are always a winner for a pear body shape. To accentuate your waist, add a belt to your dress for an extra touch of glamour.