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With the next season of spring racing nearing, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe to ensure your best-dressed status won’t be a photo finish.

Whether you’re heading to Stakes Day or the Melbourne Cup, there are specific dress codes you must follow to top the most-fashionable list. Below, we explore the spring racing carnival dress code associated with the four biggest races, as well as what to wear to dress to impress.


Derby Day

The monochrome of it all! Derby Day is historically associated with black and white outfits, so don’t stray from this defined colour palette. Opt for a classic black day dress and accessorize with white gloves, hat, and belt to meet the classic demands of this simple style. Searching for ways to push aesthetic limits? Incorporate a pop of colour in your shoes or handbag to stand out from the crowd. Just because you’re wearing black doesn’t mean you have to be boring. You could opt for a feather dress for the perfect ratio of whimsy and classic.



Oaks Day

Oaks Day is our favourite event at the races. The pink rose in jacket lapels invites female attendees to match their dresses for the spring racing carnival, inspiring feminine looks and timeless touches. Take advantage of the opportunity and lean into your floral-patterned dreams and lace desires. This day allows you to go pink or go home, so bring your best Barbie-inspired dress to this event. Looking for inspiration? We love a floral-printed number that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sexy.



Caulfield Cup

Although Caulfield Cup has no strict dress code on race day, many attendees opt for bold fashion statements. Colour-blocking is a common trend, as is wearing matching sets. When choosing a stylish outfit for the Spring Carnival, go with strong colours that demand attention. Not sure what to wear? A sophisticated gown in a bold emerald green is guaranteed to please, with a flattering high halter neck and sweeping high-to-low skirt.


Stakes Day

Compared to the other Derby Days, Stakes Day invites attendees to dress down and bring a bit more of their personal style to the track. Ditch the form-fitting racing carnival dresses and opt for a flowy shift dress as stylish as it is cool. Not sure what to wear? Choose a chiffon jumpsuit or dress, which can easily be styled down for a chic and sophisticated race day look.



Melbourne Cup

We saved the best for last. The Melbourne Cup is your chance to go all out and embrace your inner fashionista for a show-stopping look. Opt for bright colours, big hats, and statement sleeves. When it comes to the spring racing carnival dress code for the Melbourne Cup, more is definitely more.


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