How To Style Embroidered Dresses

Embroidered dresses and lacey styles were made for whimsical events. From garden weddings to evenings spent at the gallery, with a champagne in hand, an embroidered dress fits the brief. The art to styling an embroidered dress is all about pairing it with jewellery and boleros that do not take away from the embroidered details, but which maintain them as the centrepiece of the entire look. 

There is an embroidered style for every occasion. You can easily wear an embroidered dress with flats for a garden occasion or heels for a fancier affair. Colourful flecks in embroidered dresses can be highlighted through matching coloured jewellery or metallic earrings. 


For A Brunch

If you are off to a champagne brunch, choose an embroidered dress with a bit of colour and flair. Opt for a classic base colour, such as navy or black, with embroidery details that show off a bit of colour. Choose the most colourful stitch in the embroidery to match your accessories with, this will ensure you bring a bit of brightness to your sunny brunch. 


For The Art Gallery 

An art gallery is a fabulous spot for date night, a wedding occasion or a Sunday out in the city. The art gallery calls for more of a sophisticated dress code, and an embroidered dress fit this brief, while still bringing a perfect amount of whimsy. Choose an embroidered dress that has a classic tone, such as navy, and pair it with accessories like silver jewellery, navy mules and a navy bolero, in case your shoulders get a little chilly. 



For A Garden Wedding

A garden wedding is a wonderful excuse to wear something a little lacey, and something with some floral details. Choose an embroidered dress which really shows off all of it's floral stitching, something that fabulously suits a garden wedding dress code. When it comes to accessorising, opt for jewels that are bright and match the colour of the dress, and shoes which won't fall into the grass. A jacket or bolero is also a great addition, especially if you are after a little extra arm coverage.


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