Finishing Touches

For minimum effort for maximum effect, look no further than our curated collection of accessories for a touch of feminine elegance.

Great style is about the details of your outfit. Accessories are the easiest way to give your outfit personality and add a touch of extra luxe to your ensemble. The right accessories can add a finishing touch and a level of uniqueness that clothing alone may not. Our Montique stylists have curated the best tips for accessorising with belts and earrings to ensure your look is event ready!


There is one accessory that we believe everyone should have one pair of - statement earrings. Our earring collections are designed in classic shapes that promise a delicately luxurious look for any occasion. Our earrings offer the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble, from statement drop earrings to delicate stud earrings, choose your earrings with the following tips in mind.

1. Choose earrings that will flatter your face shape

Oval faces can pull off any earrings, but a simple stud will flatter your face the best. Heart shaped faces have a more pointed chin, so this shape works well with a teardrop or chandelier earrings like our Everly Earrings or Rebel Drop Earrings. Long and tapered styles like these earrings will add balance and create symmetry to your face. Square faces can be balanced with a long drop style earring or round hoops like our Lopez Earrings, which soften your face and add proportion to your face. Longer faces suit round drops or studs like our Everly Earrings or Sia Rose Gold Earrings as they add fullness and shape to your face.

2. Match earrings with your features

Think about features like your bone structure, colour tones and hair colour when choosing your earrings. Fine bone structures pair beautifully with delicate crystal styles like the Ellis Earrings. Those with a more solid bone structure complement with bigger styles like the Sia Chandelier Earrings. Another feature to consider is your hair colour - rose gold earrings match with light toned hair colours and silver earrings contrast with darker hair tones. This can also be true for skin tones - if you have warm toned skin you should choose rose gold earrings, whereas cooler toned skin complements well with silver earrings. The most important rule is to feel confident and rock the look!

3. Consider the occasion

Take into account the venue, occasion and dress code for the event you are attending when deciding on earrings. A classic stud like the Sia Earrings or the circle drop shape of the Airlie Silver Earrings are perfect to wear from desk to dinner and they go well with a dress, blazer and pants, and even a jumpsuit. Chandelier earrings are the ideal choice for formal occasions, date nights or evening soirees. A teardrop design like the Callie Earrings are an ageless addition to your jewellery collection that pair beautifully with a cocktail dress or gown alike.

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Add a belt to your dress to give you an eye-catching look. Celebrate femininity and shape by bringing attention to your curves, and nothing does this well than a belt to cinch your waist and highlight your hips. Our Tara belt adds extra glamour to your outfit, shown with the Sky Luminous Dress. The delicate beading draws attention to your waist and emphasises your silhouette.

Tara Belt

A belt even works well for those who are apple or square shaped because it cinches the waist and creates shape. Our Carolina Beaded Tie Belt is a beautiful ivory tone ribbon belt that is adorned with intricate beading details. With a bow tie design at the back, it can be paired with white dresses like our Ariella Crepe Gown. Master the dramatic finish with a belt!

carolina belt

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