Inspired Moments: Midnight Rose

Love is always a mixture of many things, fiery moments, moody scenes, rosy romances and happily ever afters. When it comes to weddings, and love in general, everyone craves something uniquely different but there is no denying the allure of classic symbols of love and the desire of the edgy and the mysterious. The rose is a symbol of romance, with its delicate petals and intoxicating scent, the rose is the perfect signifier of love and affection. The winter rose is something that is sweet yet does have an air of edginess and unpredictability, and a touch of rouge will always keep things interesting.

Inspired by winter roses, rouge palettes, midnight romances and mysterious edges. The colour of love has always been associated with incandescent red tones, and we inspire you to create your dream wedding theme that surrounds our current signature prints, textures and cuts. Dream up your ideal wedding that is all encompassing when it comes to elements of romance and femininity, but with a darker and edgier vibe to take your wedding to a whole new level.

The wedding planning process can always lean towards the more stressful side, but our inspired moments series is here to bring you new ideas and inspiration for your big day. From typography for wedding invitations to florals for ideal table settings, we have compiled a small directory that resides within the theme of rosy romances and edgy opulence, and which is inspired by our signature prints and details.


Artistic Inspirations

Inspired by art and form, your wedding should be inspired by distinct shadows, playing with light and scaling between the big and the small details. Shapes and movements can create dimension qualities to the vibe of a wedding reception, and a touch of red tones can bring out a passionate element that is true to you and your partner’s love story. We are inspired by the formations and their consequences in Alexander Clader’s Mobile, and the dramatic effect of Irving Penn’s Rose


Romantic Menus

Menus are a must. Something sleek and aesthetically pleasing is a perfect choice. We adore these menus by @rebel.reflect, they are the perfect addition to a wedding that is all things roses, romance and edginess. Rouge embossed typography is the perfect choice to showcase your selection of food and drinks for the night. These tones and sharp finishes create a divine look that plays in perfectly with an overall theme. It’s the small details that truly matter at the wedding reception.



Floating Florals

Floating florals are a great way to transform any space. Create a chandelier will flowers of your choice to create an enchanting feel at your wedding. For a dramatic effect we are currently in awe of @anatomyofflowers floating florals set up for a wedding reception that is moody yet has light qualities. Hanging florals are a great way to fill a space and create a romantic ambience. Roses in particular are a fabulous choice for weddings, and they can be paired with the moody candlelight and dark tones to create perfect contrast.



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