Lovely Layers

I don’t know about you, but here at Montique, we’re really starting to feel that chill outside. With Winter coming in what feels like as quickly as ever, it’s time to flip over to your winter wardrobe and get that winter fashion going. It’s always hard to transition from Summer to Winter, but we’re here to help!

Trends are changing so often, however a method that will always work in the winter time is layering! Layering allows you to experiment with all different styles and colours, whilst still keeping warm. It means that you can still wear that favourite dress of yours without freezing. Your summer staples can easily become appropriate for the cold weather when put together properly.  When you have your layers on point, you’ll get through winter looking chic and feeling fabulous!

Whether you are opting for a casual look, or have a glamorous formal event to attend, layers are your best friend during the cooler months. Even further, if you’re wanting to spice up your look, accessories are everything. Between a scarf, wrap, and earrings, you can do no wrong. It is important to keep your accessories at a level where they will not consume the look, but simply compliment it. The perfect shoe can also finish your look off and help to express your style instantly. Remember, if your legs tend to feel the cold more, don’t be afraid to add a pair of stockings to your outfit!

A Hot Tip: Dressing appropriately for the weather is the best fashion advice you could follow. THE WEATHER IS WHAT YOU WEAR!

Below are few of our styling trips and tricks to successfully layer clothes in winter for all occasions:



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