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Mix and Match your Bridesmaids Dresses

Mix and Match your Bridesmaids Dresses

Curate a collection of bridesmaids dresses that are contemporary and unique, mix and match different styles and colours for a chic wedding that is modern and inclusive. A mix and match bridesmaid dresses collection is the perfect way to make sure all your bridesmaids are feeling confident and beautiful on your big day. Different styles and colours suit different body types and by having a collection of different dresses, that work together, will ensure all your bridesmaids are feeling and looking like their best selves. 

It is important to also consider your wedding theme, décor, the season and the overall style of your big day when considering the bridesmaids dresses. These factors can influence your decisions on styles, colours, patterns and cuts. The mix and match bridesmaid look is perfect for this as you can decide on a base colour and then go from there!

Choosing the right styles for your bridesmaids can be daunting but we have put together a helpful guide below so that you can have the dazzling wedding of your dreams. You can be confident that all your bridesmaids are feeling comfortable and happy with their look.

The Collections

One print, three styles

Love a certain print? Try it in three different styles! Montique dresses often have the same colour or pattern family but come in different silhouettes for you and your bridesmaids to choose from. Perfect for including all body types so your bridesmaids feel their most confident selves.

Our Ivy, Sage and Dreamy dresses are gorgeous for a lovely afternoon garden wedding or a wedding at a winery. The different cuts will modernise your weddings look while the floral pattern will add a soft and feminine dimension. Pair these floral beauties with matching earrings, such as our Ayla earrings, for the perfect finishing touch to bring the collection together. 


One print, one colour group

Introducing a print amongst a particular colour group can be the perfect way to add some pattern to your bridal party’s look. For a navy colour palette, gorgeous for those winter weddings, try our Natalia in navy for a block of colour, a Maree to bring in a bit of a floral vibes, and a Harper jumpsuit to finish of the collection.

These dresses create the perfect bridesmaid’s collection with different silhouettes to ensure every body type is feeling comfortable. The bridesmaids can hold a gorgeous Ivory bouquet to compliment the flowers in the Maree and to contrast with the navy colour.

Our Natalia is available for pre order now!


One dress, different colours 

If you love a particular style but still crave a mix and match bridesmaid collection, try it in different colours! Our Nadine dresses are perfect for this, and both are available for pre order now! For a light colour scheme, you could try our Nadine in sky blue and mink, perfect for a fairy tale wedding. 

To bring the whole look together pair these styles with a cohesive hairstyle, the Nadine would look great with hair styled either up or down. You could also decide to accessories your bridesmaids in the same accessories, our Arabella earrings are a gorgeous compliment to the Nadine.

Purchasing three or more bridesmaids dress? Contact us at for a discount on bridesmaids bundles and for more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products. Shop our new arrivals now!