Behind The Scenes: A/W 24 Photoshoot

Come behind the scenes with us for our Autumn Winter 2024 campaign, this season we have set off to celebrate occasion wear and style in a contemporary space – merging together a sense of classic edginess while remaining true to our forever favourite shapes and silhouettes. Inspired by metallic edge, punchy shades and bold statements, our latest collection is one that will take you from martini nights in the city to ultimate black tie functions and destination weddings.

Touching on latest trends and modernity, our winter collection will walk you through new ideas such as mixed metals, pops of cherry red and ruffled details. A silver theme is threaded throughout this collection as we explore our love for this metal and our belief that it is the perfect addition to any kind of formal winter look. Icy and edgy, silver jewellery and sequin details have us inspired this season. Beyond this we are in awe of floral motifs, from obvious florals (printed dresses) to less obvious details such as floral sleeves and ruffled necklines, florals bring a new sense of life during the winter season. Our love for shiny things is still at large with sequins and metallics galore, making for the ideal sense of brightness for any occasion.


The Setup & Styling

To start things off we began with a perfect scene – a backdrop which mixes two ideas - the classic meets the contemporary. From here a setup commences, particularly with styling, from shoes to jewellery and accessories, which details with which and what to pair with each dress. As you would do when you are getting ready for the event i.e. the fun stuff once you have your dress all picked out. This season we had the following in mind – jewelled boots, patent leather, mixed metal jewellery and chunky bangles.


Hair & Makeup

Hair and makeup commences in the early morning with a mood board in tow. The beginning looks? A natural state. Inspired by wet slick back hair and natural yet edgy eye makeup. As the day goes on the mood shifts ever so slightly to the even edgier side with a slick back ponytail and a dark lip addition. The overall aesthetic aligns with that of our winter collection.


The Shoot

Capturing the essence of our winter collection meant capturing the ambiance between edgy allure and timeless grace. Statuesque poses and modern details were at the centre of the shoot, and the styles on show exuded the essence of black tie glamour and grand affairs. Opulence meets refinement in our winter 2024 collection.


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