Mother Of The Bride Dresses For Every Venue

Choosing a mother of the bride dress is not always a simple task, finding the perfect colour, cut and style can come with it challenges. It is important to start the mother of the bride dress shopping in advance so you can try on different styles and find something that suits you perfectly. One thing you should have in mind while shopping is the venue, the location of the wedding and the type of wedding will help you to understand and find the perfect style to suit the day.

From destination weddings to garden weddings, there are many different types of wedding locations that could be on the cards. A destination wedding can call for a beaded dress to signify the importance of the occasion while a church wedding can call for something that is sleeved and conservative.


Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is always special, the travel time and effort is always worth it when you arrive. You may be heading to a formal wedding in Italy in the summer or you may be off to the Hunter Valley for a perfect autumn wedding. Either way it is an exciting adventure and it calls for a special kind of dress – possibly a beaded dress or a sleek off the shoulder dress. Pair your gown with some dazzling earrings and chic heels for the ultimate destination wedding look.


Garden Wedding

A garden wedding is always a little whimsical and dream like. Garden weddings are often held in the warmer months and here you can wear sparkling beaded cocktail dresses or flowing maxi dresses. The choices are many and it is the perfect event and season to play with bolder colours – think colours that will pop against lush green surroundings and floral elements.


Church Wedding

A church wedding calls for a bit more of a conservative look, but don’t let this bore you. Dresses with sleeves are a great choice and full-length gowns will have you looking oh so sophisticated as you gather out the front amongst the church gardens pre wedding. Guests will oh and ah at the mother of the bride wearing some sparkles also. Wear you dress of choice with some chic drop earrings and a glamorous pair of heels to complete your look.


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