Musings On The Colour Pink

Powerful, bold and youthful; the colour pink has always created a mark both in popular culture and within our hearts. Pink is created from the combination of a touch of red and white, creating a paler version of the core primary colour. However, the colour pink has affirmed itself in society's minds as an individual and unique colour setting it apart from classic red hues. With its feminine centric undertones, pink has been defined in art to symbolise romance, tenderness and youth. Pink’s scintillating effects makes it a beautiful shade for birthday parties, garden soirees and weddings, whether it be worn by bridesmaids, wedding guests or the mother of the bride. Pink is highly versatile and looks luxurious on any skin tone.

Historically, pink has significantly influenced fashion and culture, from iconic film appearances by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde and finally the great Barbie phenomenon, pink has made a resurgence and is dominating international fashion scenes. Just as there are many different layers to femininity so too can be said for the colour pink. With its plethora of shades, including rose gold, pastel and hot pink; pink brings along with it different characteristics and draws in various personalities. 

From left to right / Valencia Gown / Amelia Gown / Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes, 1953 / Gwyneth Paltrow at the 71st Oscars in 1999 / Barbie movie scene, 2023 / Apollo Dress / Belle Earrings / Valencia Gown 


Rose Gold

Rose gold is undeniably one of the brightest sparks when it comes to metals. Its soft hue has the ability for the shade to appear romantic yet sophisticated with a feminine flair. It draws in personalities who rarely ever say no to shimmer. Rose gold is warm and inviting, making it a highly adaptive shade that goes with any skin tone. This metallic hue is popular amongst mothers of the bride and wedding guests due to its luminous glow, and when used in sequin and metallic form it creates an elegant look. Styles which are painted in rose gold shades are one of the best ways to add a youthful radiance to your event look.


Pastel Pink

Pastel and playful, this tone of pink is youthful and bubbly, perfect for those who want to stand out in a delicate way. Pastel pink can be the perfect colour choice for bridesmaids as its softness elevates any look; yet is strong enough to stand on its own. The fun doesn't have to stop there, pastel pink can sneak itself into printed fabrics. Pastel printed dresses are a fun way to encapsulate the joyous tone and atmosphere at christenings or garden parties. A pastel pink gown can be accessorised with the perfect pair of ballet flats and pink hued drop earrings.


Hot Pink

The fierce and fiery hot pink is a shade for those who want to make a bold and extravagant statement. Hot pink injects confidence into any look, with the likes of Marilyn Monroe famously flaunting in a hot pink strapless cocktail dress (against a bold red backdrop - another colour combo we love!). Hot pink; rose in popularity with the recent Barbie movie - Barbiecore pink, anyone? And the bold shade is here to stay. In a sea of wedding guests, hot pink is sure to stand out and pairs impeccably with nature's luscious backdrops and foliage at garden weddings. Complement this shade with equally extravagant pink accessories to finish your look.



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