Musings On The Colour Red

As a primary colour red needs no introduction as it is one of the most iconic hues seen in fashion, Hollywood, art and even popular food chains. Red universally symbolises strength, power and courage. Evoking emotions such as love, passion and even anger. Red stops people in their tracks, drawing attention with its vibrancy and striking nature. Often overlooked in favour of a classic black dress, a bold colour such as red can make a statement in your style. With a range of hues such as rich red and merlot, this colour looks exquisite on all skin tones. A statement red dress is a great investment in your wardrobe this year.

In Hollywood red is often associated with strong emotions and scenes, increasing the audience's attention and heightening blood pressure. Iconic red Hollywood moments include Julia Roberts starring in Pretty Woman (1990) adorned in a sweetheart neckline off the shoulder ruched gown, paired with a white clutch and matching gloves. Another 90’s Hollywood classic is Clueless (1995) starring Alicia Silverstone (aka Cher) wore a steamy red cocktail dress paired with red suede heels and a spectacular feather hat with a matching tailored feather coat. Cher being a symbol of iconic fashion taste; introduced the idea of coordination and colour blocking. Red is highly versatile as it can be dressed down or glammed up. It will always give off a polished and timeless look, no matter the formality of the occasion.

From left to right / Finlay Dress / Pretty Woman, 1990 / Aria Gown / Gina Earrings & Fifi Earrings / Gossip Girl, 2007 / Edie Earrings / Skye Dress / Clueless, 1995


Wine & Dine In Merlot

Merlot is a deep pinkish-red shade like the wine, merlot is more dark and richer in tone than burgundy. Merlot is enchanting and evokes a sense of winter romance and sophistication. Merlot pairs perfectly with warmer skin undertones as the cool tone of Merlot contrasts the warmth creating a glowing appearance against the skin. Merlot gowns with beads can be the perfect final embellishment that lights up your look, making for an ideal mother of the bride gown. Let your Merlot Gown shine by accessorising with gold teardrop earrings and a gold bangle.



Draw Dropping Red

Looking through Hollywood's iconic red moments it can be highlighted that the hue is worn by glamorous actresses who are instantly radiated by the warm tone against their silhouettes. Red is a colour that if styled correctly can enhance your favourite features, creating a highly flattering and slimming look. The classic rich red colour can be paired with a fitted full-length ruched gown which exudes understated charm with a timeless allure. Alternatively, a midi dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt can be the perfect bold dress for a black-tie event. Gold accessories are a must with a rich red, gold metallic's bring out the warmth in the red, giving off a luminescent glow to your final look.


Cherry Kissed

The perfect tone of red lipstick will never go out of fashion. Red lipstick goes hand in hand with an adorned red or merlot gown. Marilyn Monroe made red lipstick her signature, wearing a classic red paired with her striking smile on and off screen. Top tip; remember to pack a compact mirror in your clutch to check your lipstick stays smudge-proof all night. For those deciding to wear a merlot colour gown as a wedding guest or to a black tie gala, swap out the Cabernet for a Merlot, red-wine coloured lip shade. This lipstick colour is the perfect accessory as it is impactful whilst being lower maintenance than a classic red lip.

 From left to right / Hourglass Lipstick / Guerlain Lipstick / Patrick Ta Lipstick


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Updated on 03/07/2024


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