On The Move: Puglia Guide

Nestled in the heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia exudes an alluring charm that captivates the artistic soul and beckons the sophisticated adventurer. Its sun kissed landscapes and whitewashed towns stand as a testament to a region steeped in cultural heritage and modern elegance. From the Baroque splendour of Lecce to the coastal allure of Polignano a Mare and the ancient mysteries of Alberobello's trulli, Puglia invites exploration and indulgence. This region, known for its exquisite cuisine, artisanal craftsmanship, and a seamless blend of tradition and contemporary sophistication, promises an unforgettable journey through Italy's captivating south.

Inspired by stunning coastal towns and lush olive tree lined vineyards, our Puglia collection brings together all the details of Italian towns that always leave us in awe. Made for summer weddings and honeymoons by the beach, garden parties and high summer gatherings. Our signature prints, textures and cuts take inspiration from the beauty that is Puglia.

Immerse yourself in the Italian region of Puglia with our guide to a region which is colourful, filled with bright blues, natural, relaxed and full of culture and art.

From left to right / Ceramics in La Grotta Ceramiche by Carla Coulson / Kaia Dress / Amy Earrings / Polgnano a Mare, Puglia / Isabelle Dress / India GownGrotta Palazzese by Christie Kanani / India Gown


To Explore

Ostuni, known as the "White City," presents a captivating exploration opportunity with its narrow streets and whitewashed buildings that inspire artistic flair. Afterwards, take comfort at Masseria Moroseta. Its organic design and views will leave you in awe, and don’t forget to try a bite or two of a meal which will have to be chosen on the night you visit as the menu changes frequently. Other spots to explore include the architectural marvels and intricate Baroque designs in Lecce, often referred to as the "Florence of the South," offer a sophisticated exploration of history and craftsmanship. Additionally, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Alberobello showcases the unique trulli, traditional Apulian dry stone huts with conical roofs, making it a fascinating cultural exploration.


Into The Blue

Puglia boasts stunning coastal areas perfect for swimming. The town of Polignano a Mare in the Bari province offers breathtaking beaches and hidden sea caves carved into limestone cliffs, creating a unique swimming experience. Of course, there is also the Grotta Palazzese to try in terms of restaurants in this area too. It is famous for being housed within a cliff face. For those seeking serene sandy shores and clear waters, Torre Lapillo in the Salento area is an excellent choice. Its pristine beaches make it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.


Wines & Vines

The Salento region, especially around Lecce, hosts exceptional wineries known for their Primitivo and Negroamaro wines. Visiting these wineries offers not only the chance to taste exquisite wines but also to admire the vineyard landscapes. Further north, in Fasano and the surrounding areas, are beautiful olive gardens. These groves not only produce high-quality olive oil but also provide a scenic backdrop for leisurely walks and immersive experiences in the olive oil-making process.


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