Out Of Office Looks

It's Friday, and you received a last-minute invitation for a ladies' night in that new trendy restaurant, or maybe you have a romantic dinner in your favourite local Italian restaurant. We know that dressing up can be a pain in the middle of the hustle and bustle, especially when you have to go to work and then straight off to a party, dinner or cocktail event. But, to make the transition from a corporate look to a more suitable attire for cocktails seamless, here are some styling tips for you to take your outfit out of the office.


Prioritise versatile pieces

When upgrading your closet, look for pieces you can see working for both work day and night out. Try to imagine the different outfits you could create. A black midi skirt is a perfect example in this case. You can go all black (never fails) or add a printed lightweight top for a formal look. When it's time to go out for dinner, accessorise with a statement necklace or sparkling earrings - a quick and easy way to glam up your look.


Little (not-so) Black Dress

It is indisputable that a little black dress is a classic piece every woman must own, and it can save you on the most diverse occasions. For example, suppose you're working in a corporate environment. In that case, you can pair a black dress with elegant jewellery and some minimalist heels or maybe with ankle boots and a cardigan for casual office environments. Then, when night hits, simply swap out your everyday tote with a statement clutch bag, and you're ready for after-work cocktails!


Incorporate statement pieces

If you're wearing a statement piece to work, balance is key to make it suitable for both occasions. Black is always black. However, times have changed, and bold colours and patterns are well-accepted in offices these days. So please take advantage of it and wear that bold, bright colour that makes you stand out.


A-line Midi Dress

That's something that won't let you down at any time of the day or night. Classic, timeless and chic, an A-line dress is the best choice for you. Its laid-back and breezy structure and appropriate length will make you feel comfortable, carefree and confident all day and night.


Accessorised Glow

Each and every outfit looks more glamorous with the right accessories - even a boring work outfit. If that invitation comes out of the blue and you were not dressed as your best, make sure you have a couple of statement earrings on hand so you can shine bright all night long!


You will always look your best in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at customerservice@intermoda.com.au to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!

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