Real Life, Real Stories: Diana And Nat

Diana and Nat’s wedding story starts with their boat proposal in Turkey in 2014, and what followed were wedding plans for not only one wedding, but two! With family in England and Australia this meant that there was to be two weddings in two different locations. Sadly, Diana was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and the weddings had to be proposed not once but twice due to surgery, chemo and the lockdowns. Once 2022 came along Diana and Nat were finally able to celebrate both weddings, one being in Manly and the other in the UK.  

Manly was the ideal choice for Diana and Nat’s Australia wedding as guests could stay a couple of nights and make a weekend out of the celebrations. The venue was the stunning Manly Golf Club which is known for it’s heritage features and grand details. With the help of the club’s event manager Judy, Diana’s vision was created, and this was to keep the theme very Australian to honour her “dinky-di Aussie husband and his friends and family”. The flowers were sourced from The Wedding Decorator and these also played into the overall Aussie theme as they were arrangements of gorgeous native blooms.


Diana and Nat’s UK wedding was just as extraordinary, the wedding was held at the Knowle Manor which was a spectacular venue for them as it allowed them to stay there with their friends and family for a few nights. They were able to have a large gathering on the Friday night before the wedding and a fabulous lunch on the day after the wedding which consisted of celebratory paella. The wedding itself was a classic English garden party and the caterer, Liz White and the humanist celebrant, Kevin Murphy, were the perfect pen pals to help Diana out with the UK wedding journey.

Diana and Nat’s weddings were magical and relaxed once everything was organised, but for Diana the dress journey didn’t quite go as planned. Diana had originally bought the two dresses she was going to wear way back in 2018, but this was before she got sick and then went into immediate menopause. Five weeks out from her first wedding in Manly she realised she needed to find two new dresses. Diana set out to find a silver dress for her Australia wedding to match the eucalyptus in her flowers, and a red dress for her second wedding “to represent my home, where my blood is and where my closest family are”, as well as the red roses that would be part of the UK wedding.


Diana started her dress journey at a few bridal outlets but unfortunately, she did not come across any styles that suited her, and as the busy day went on, she tried our Myer. Diana walked past the Odessa Red Gown at the Montique Sydney concession store and did a double take when she saw the perfect shade of red that would fit the brief for her UK wedding. Once she had this one in her hands and ready to try, she also picked up a few other Montique dresses to try on. “All the Montique dresses looked good, even on my size 16 frame. I went home persuading myself that the cream dress I had tried could replace my silver dress and I had fallen in love with the red dress too. I ordered them both that night from the website and that was a big job done.”

For her Australian wedding, Diana paired the Lola Ivory Gown with some glitzy silver shoes and some gorgeous silver jewellery. Her bouquet which was filled with natives perfectly complimented her stunning bridal look. For her UK wedding, Diana’s Odessa Red Gown was the perfect choice to match her assortment of roses, and Nat’s tie was the perfect shade of red to pair with the striking gown.


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