The Summer Soirée: Tropical Disco

The weather is warm and good time are here, from days by the beach to nights on the town – summer is in full swing. An Australian summer is like no other – great weather, stunning coastlines, parties with friends and holidays in the sun. When it comes to your summer event wardrobe it is best to include pieces which scream summer, fun and party.

The theme for this summer? Tropical disco. This ethereal celebration of style merges the vibrancy of trending floral prints, the opulence of sequins and the alluring nature of contrasting bright colours. The tropical trend is setting the stage for a summer soirée like no other. Escape the heat with a cocktail in hand and a tropical aesthetic outfit for an afternoon celebrating the summer heat. Plan a summer garden party with ease once you have a dress all picked out and jewellery to go with it.

From left to right / La Muralla Roja by Ricardo Bofill / Yasmin Dress / @calma_floral / Flamingo House, Los Angeles / Apollo DressArabella Earrings / unknown / Yasmin Dress


Tropical Temptation

When choosing a summer piece, it's a good idea to keep fabric in mind. A fitted or thick fabric can aid in giving you shape, and showing off your silhouette, but is also prone to trapping heat. Thick or tight fabrics tend to be better suited for night time events, for a day time occasion a loose and flowing fabric is key. Printed fabrics are also necessary to consider when it comes to summer event dresses. A flowing printed dress is a piece that is made for summer garden parties and hot days. A style with a summer print and a lightweight fabric will compliment both you and your event, while keeping you cool & comfortable.



Sequins & Stardust

Light and sparkling shades go hand in hand with the warmer weather, a visual embodiment of our spirits in the sunshine. Think bright whites, pastel sequins and party shades. A lighter coloured fabric can serve you in both fashion and function, as heat doesn't absorb into lighter colours the same way as dark shades. Pastel coloured hues will keep you cooler while the impact of vibrant colours and saturated hues will turn up the heat on your look. Think hot candy pinks and bright greens, adding pops of colour to your wardrobe is a fun way to embrace the colours of summer.


Green Enchantment

When it comes to floral prints and bright coloured hues you can let your dress do the talking. Accessories for garden parties and summer weddings should complement not overshadow. Keeping your jewellery, bags and accessories simple will ensure you achieve an elegant and comfortable look. Wear accessories that will complement you whole outfit, this could be a pair of earrings or a statement headpiece. With the bright colour of green you could pair golden earrings and some chic heels.


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