The After Party

The one day of your life to indulge has got to be your wedding day. Indulge by wearing more than one dress (some brides wear three!) and look like the life of the party by changing dresses mid way through your day so that you can have a perfect party dress to dance in all night long. Your wedding is all about you and you will be the one is the spotlight, and all attention will be on you (and so it should be!). This means that you get the opportunity to shake it up a bit and change your look half way through the event. Also, think of the convenience of being able to change into a cocktail dress or a midi dress – you get to dance without falling over your feet and your veil.

Your reception outfit should be something you love and something that you will feel comfortable in. A festive get up that with have you looking and feeling oh so chic and confident. You can continue to wear white for your day by opting for a little white dress or a jumpsuit, or you can choose to wear a bold colour instead or some colourful sparkles. Sequin dresses are the best kind of party dresses after all. Tie it all together with some metallic or pop inspired accessories and you will be ready to go.


The Showstopper

A classically modern choice for an after party outfit? Sparkles! Think glittering, think shiny, think feminine and flirty. Sparkles are the perfect choice for an after party look and will have you feeling oh so glamorous and romantic – the perfect combination for your wedding day.


The All In One

A jumpsuit may (or may not) be one of the more obvious choices for your after party look. They are undeniably chic but also so comfortable and perfect for a dance on the dance floor. Say yes to the pantsuit for your after party look. Opt for an sequin or ivory jumpsuit to continue the bridal theme throughout your day.  


The Best One For Dancing

When we think dancing, we think sequins. Sequins were made for the dance floor and will shine all night long under every light that hits you. From gold sequins to green sequins to silver sequins – the choices are endless and they are all up to you! If you would prefer a lighter coloured sequin opt for a silver or nude coloured dress, but one should never be afraid of colour or metallic dresses.



The Brightest Spark

You don’t have to stick to white when it comes to your dress change. Have fun with colour and introduce a bright colour to your second look. A bold pink, blue or even a flurry of florals will have you giddy all evening long. Choose a colour that suits both your personal style and your skin tone. Gals with blue eyes will look fab in a bright blue dress.


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