The Bridal Party Edit

But, can I shorten it so I can wear it again? Well, I mean sure, but you don’t need to. Our bridal party edit is curated full of styles that you can not only wear for the big wedding day but which can also be worn to many events after. The classic 27 Dresses saying of “And you can shorten it and wear it again” no longer applies and along with this is the fact that bridesmaids have a lot more say in what they wear now. This doesn’t mean that you can be too bold and demanding but a lot of brides do love it when their bridesmaids can help out with the choosing of their dress. Often the bridal party will be sent off to find their own dresses with a given mood and a colour scheme.

So, with this in mind come along and find a dress that you can proudly wear as you stand beside your BFF and afterwards, you can also wear to another formal affair. From blue hues which are perfect for a touch of something blue to classic champagne tones and navy shades, colours and styles which can be worn again and again. Our edit will have that covered for you (the bridesmaid) so you can find the perfect style to pass along to the bride – whom will likely be busy choosing between tulips and peonies anyway. Just remember the brief and away you select.


When The Brief Is Something Blue

Something blue requires something blue (duh!) but depending on how specific the bride has gotten this could range from a perfect pastel blue hue to a more classic navy blue. She is likely wanting her bridesmaids to be her something blue and this means finding the perfect shade of blue that suits this need. Blue and navy tones look great in silky stain finishes and also look oh so sleek in crepe knit textures.


When The Brief Is Timeless & Classic

When timeless and classic is the brief, we are talking navy (read above) or champagne tones (what we will focus on). Champagne shades have always been a popular colour for bridesmaids because it looks elegant, classic and oh so feminine. When the bride asks you to be in champagne you should really opt for something that is silky to the touch or textured (aka beading – if the bride allows) so that you have a nice shine and depth which will ensure that this tone doesn’t blend in with certain skin tones. The perfect thing about champagne is that is can be worn again as it will never go out of style.


When The Brief Is A Modern Black Or White

If the bride has her finger on the pulse when it comes to trends and contemporary style you may be in search for a bridesmaid dress in black or white. It looks sleek, clean and very sophisticated when a bride has her bridesmaids dress up in a black and/or white colour scheme. Although some may be shocked, it is very on trend to have the bridesmaids wear these tones and it may make finding a dress to present to the bride a little bit easier, and not to mention how wearable a black or white dress will be again and again.


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