The Spring Races: A Look For Every Day

The spring racing season is really shifting into gear with all the trackside action just around the corner, you may wonder – what ever will I wear? With so many spring racing days ahead come so many different types of dress codes (and so much fun to be had!). Your spring racing calendar will be filled from the Caufield Cup Day to the race that stops the nationthe Melbourne Cup. You may be off to the races and cheering trackside or you could be needing a look for your race day lunch at work or you could be having a champagne toast at home. Whatever the occasion is we all know that one thing is for sure – you need race day dresses, fascinators and accessories galore!

You may be wondering what do I wear to each race day? And with ever evolving and changing trends it can sometimes be nerve wracking to know what each dress code means. We have put together a spring racing guide to each dress code for every notable race day. From jewellery to race day dresses – let us guide you so that you can look your chicest this spring racing season.


Caufield Cup

Caufield Cup dresses are all about the colour – think of it as the Colourful Caulfield Cup. This race day is for making a bold and brave fashion statement, whether it be opting for a bright and matching monotone look or a bit of a colour blocking vibe. Think jewel tones and matching gem earrings, technicolour combos and eye-catching numbers paired with equally vivid fascinators.



Derby Day

One of the most glamourous and chic days in spring racing fashion. Derby Day calls for a strict black and white dress code. Think black or white dresses for Derby Day (or a mix of black and white for an eye-catching contrasting look). A little black dress or a little white dress would fit the brief perfectly. Then you can add a little accessory and a bold lip, and there’s nothing quite as chic as pearls and a red lip to compliment your monochrome look.


Oaks Day

Oaks Day is all about femininity, florals and flirty frills. Ladies’ day on the field calls for an elegant and sophisticated formal look. The Oaks Day dress code allows you to embrace your ultra-feminine side with jordan almond pastels like fairy tale pinks and sky-blue hues. Frills and ruffles and floral print dresses alike make for a flirty and fabulous ladies day look for the upcoming race season.



Stakes Day

The family day of the race season – the Stakes Day is a more relaxed dress code with race goers being allowed to wear outfits that are a little more casual and relaxed but still a lot of fun. Stakes Day is a family day and although there is still a dress code to adhere to, you can be a little more comfortable here with minimalist looks when it comes to Stakes Day dresses and accessories.



Melbourne Cup

Unlike Derby Day style, your Melbourne Cup dress should be all about avoiding the basics of black and white and instead thinking colour when it comes to styling yourself for the biggest race this season. Steer towards bright and bold colour combos and dramatic silhouettes for the Melbourne Cup race. And never forget to include a bold accessory or two.



You will always look your best at the races in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!

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