The Ultimate Bridesmaid Checklist

Congratulations, you’re a bridesmaid! It is a huge honour to be picked by your loved one to be their bridesmaid, but with it comes a lot of responsibilities. After the bridesmaids find their perfect dresses, they also have to consider the ultimate bridesmaid's checklist. Read our bridesmaids tips for every step of the wedding. 


Pre-Wedding Planning for Bridesmaids

Help with the Wedding Tasks

The bride has so much to plan, so help her out by offering your assistance to help her tick off her to-do list. From helping with the RSVP invites, to researching venues, florists, or creating mood boards to inspire her colour schemes, there are plenty of ways to help plan the perfect wedding.


Plan the Bridal Shower

While the planning of most pre-wedding events is assigned to the Maid of Honour, bridesmaids are always welcome to lighten the her workload and assist with planning the bridal shower


Shop for your Bridesmaid Dresses

Each bride is different - some bridesmaids may be asked to shop for your dresses together so you can be fitted at the same time. Others may be asked to do your own shopping or send your measurements to the bride. Our exclusive bridesmaid packages offer the convenience of shopping from home, with the ease of in-house stylists helping you throughout the process. We have a style and package for every wedding!


Attend the Bridal Dress Shopping

There is no better way to support the bride-to-be than helping her find her dream dress. Whether you are going in store with her or helping her virtually, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest wedding trends so you can provide informed advice. 


Attend Pre Wedding Events

Whether it’s the engagement party, bridal shower or the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids are expected to attend all of the events in support of the bride. The most important pre-wedding event is the rehearsal - you will need to know where to assemble, enter, stand and exit during the ceremony. 


Offer Emotional Support

As a bridesmaid, you have been carefully chosen because you share a space in the bride’s heart and she wants to be surrounded by you during her special moment. Check in with her throughout the planning process and let her know she can lean on you for support. Be sensitive to her feelings and if she needs, offer her space to let her emotions out! 


Before the Wedding Bridesmaid Checklist by Montique | Bridesmaid Dresses Online


Pack an emergency kit

It is important to be prepared if you need any emergency items, so pack a small kit that you can take in case it comes in handy. Items like bobby pins, tissues, a stain remover pen, mints, a mini sewing kit and painkillers are essentials for your kit. 


Help the Bride get Dressed

Getting into a delicate wedding dress can be a challenge, so your most crucial job as a  bridesmaid is helping your bride get into her gown. Cherish the moment but don’t forget to grab the photographer to snap it too!


Assist the Guests of Honour

Don’t wait to be assigned a job - ask the mother of the bride, the maid of honour and even the photographer if there is anything you can do to help the day run smoothly. The maid of honour will be busy coordinating and following the schedule, so lend a helping hand where you can so she can focus on her tasks. 


During the Ceremony Bridesmaid Checklist by Montique | Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Know your Cue

Make sure you know how you will enter and where to stand for the duration of the ceremony so that it can run smoothly without any hiccups. Stand straight, confident and tall, and hold your bouquet low and smile!


Smile for the Photos

Check your ensemble before you begin the ceremony - your dress is perfect, your shoes are fit tight, your bouquet is propped correctly and your hair falls where it should. Show it all off with a beautiful smile and make sure you are photo ready for every shot. 


During the Reception Bridesmaid Checklist by Montique | Bridesmaid Dresses Online


Mix and Mingle

As the newlywed takes photos, your responsibility as the wedding guests of honour is to make sure the other guests are entertained. Introduce yourself and others to the family and friends who may have not met before and direct them to where they can grab a drink.


Look Out for the Newlyweds 

There can be a lot going on in the reception, with the newlyweds greeting friends and thanking family they may not get a chance to eat or fill up their drinks. Look out for the new couple by making sure they have a plate to eat or a beverage to enjoy while they mingle.


Execute a Stress Free Send Off

The bridesmaids should help the coordinator and bridal guests pack up and assemble any items that need to be moved from the venue at the end of the night. Make sure you round out the bouquets, wedding gifts, and any decorations that were personally provided. Lend a hand with the logistical task of making sure all of the guests are escorted out of the venue safely and into any shuttle buses.


Enjoy Yourself

The utmost important part of any wedding is to enjoy yourself! Now is the chance to celebrate the bride for their start to a new chapter in their life, one that you have been able to share with them at an unforgettable event. There is no better way to enjoy yourself with confidence than with a bridesmaid's dress to match. 

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