Top Reasons To Choose A Winter Wedding

The winter season can be an underrated and overlooked season to host a wedding, but we believe it can be the best season to host an unforgettable wedding day. With just over a year until next winter, this gives you plenty of time to organise your dream winter wedding. We have compiled our top reasons why you should choose a winter wedding.


Stunning Venue Availability 

Choosing a winter wedding gives you vast options for winter venues as there is more availability during the winter months. Seasonal pricing means that venues can be cheaper, so you can book your dream venue at a good price and without having to wait for a peak season date. You can still consider outdoor venues like a beachside retreat, winery or a countryside cottage to benefit from the natural winter lighting, the beautiful scenery and mild temperatures. Gardens are lush and vibrant in the winter which means they are perfect for your scenic shots. Or opt for an indoor venue where you can transform it with beautiful decor, like a rustic warehouse, or a church of personal importance for an extra special day. 


Lighting is Better for Photography 

In winter the lighting is softer, making it ideal for your photos. The dry and clean air can make the sunset colours more vivid, so you’ll have breathtaking scenery to work with and stunning shots to look back on. As sunset falls earlier, you’ll be able to get amazing golden hour shots earlier so that you don’t disrupt your reception. You won’t find yourself squinting because of the harsh sun or getting hot as you pose for your photos. You can also work with creative lighting options like string lights, neon signs or candle arrangements as a unique backdrop for photos once the sun has set.   


The Weather Works in your Favour

Not only does the winter weather let you take great photos, but it will work in your favour for other reasons. Cooler months in the winter means less humidity, so your hair won’t frizz and your makeup will last longer! Your guests will be more comfortable as they will not be hot in their formal gowns and suits. You can also use the weather to your advantage by offering unique features to your wedding, like fire pits and blankets for your guests. Adding these to your wedding will instantly create a warm and inviting space for your guests and add texture and softness to your decor. Most importantly, the cooler weather gives you the opportunity to pair your wedding dress with a cozy bolero, wrap or jacket. 


No Wedding Social Fatigue 

With everyone booking their weddings during the spring or summer season, you can find yourself overloaded with invites and events to attend in a short amount of time. With less weddings in the winter to attend, you can focus on planning yours to perfection and it means your wedding is the social event of the season! Being one of few weddings to happen during winter gives your friends and family something to look forward to during the quieter social season. They will have more time to plan, find an outfit and help you through your to-do list. 


Winter Colour Palette Options

Winter weddings are the epitome of elegance, defined by their unique colour palette choices. There are a couple of options to play with for your theme and colour palette, such as soft blue and pink hues paired with white accents for an understated and muted tone. These colours work best for your tablescape and bouquet. Winter palettes are also defined by deep romantic tones of red, emerald and black and work best for your bridal party dresses. These dark shades of wine and classic darker tones set the romantic winter mood and can be incorporated into fine details like your bouquet or décor. 



Beautiful Winter Flower Options

A misconception is that winter bouquets are difficult to create due to seasonal floral limitations, however some of the most beautiful wedding flowers bloom in winter. Sweet peas, hyacinths, tulips and the suitably named blushing bride all make an appearance during winter and are perfect for your bouquet. Defined by soft delicate blooms and romantically ruffled flowers, their colour range is extensive so that you have plenty of choices. Muted tones of white, soft pinks, mauve and cream colours let you play with your colour scheme and can be paired with contrasting colours of deep red and emerald for a stand-out bouquet.

Red tones are a beautiful option for a winter wedding


Host a Delicious Winter Menu 

The way to the heart is through food, so what better way to do so through a hearty comfort food to match the season. A winter wedding lets you play with your menu by offering warm options that are unique to the season. There are mouth watering options to choose from - from pork crackling to soup to sticky date pudding. Suppliers and caterers will also have more dates available so you can focus on curating your dream menu for your special day. 


More Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride Dress Options

Dressing for a winter wedding can be a fun opportunity to experiment with colours and go for new and exciting evening wear dresses.  Whether it is a formal dress code or a lowkey casual wedding, a winter wedding gives you more options when it comes to your dress style and colour. Winter wedding guest attire can be deep plums, wine tones to emerald green and even blush pink hues. These colours are perfect for Mother of the Bride dresses and bridesmaid dresses. The cooler weather gives you the opportunity to pair your dress with a beautiful bolero or wrap to stay warm as you go from ceremony to reception. 

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