Trends And Tips For Bridesmaids Dresses

You’re getting married and it’s time to choose your bridesmaid dresses. This is a task that seems easy; however, we know it can become a bit overwhelming which is why we are here to help. 

When choosing your dresses, it’s important to consider your, décor, theme, comfort, the season, a style your bridesmaids will feel comfortable in and also that compliments your own dress.  After all, the bridesmaid dress colour ultimately sets the overall look and feel of your wedding. 

Taking this all into consideration, you want to select a colour that all of your bridesmaids are happy in, as well as yourself.  It should be a colour that you will love in years to come and something adaptable to your theme and dress styles.  Remember: if you can agree on a colour but not a style, you can always have your bridesmaid dressed in different styles of the same colour.

The bridal fashion industry is always circulating through hot new styles and colours. 


Matching 'Maids

The most common theme for bridal parties? Matching bridesmaids’ dresses. The traditional custom of matching bridesmaids’ dresses dates way back to ancient Rome! An entire bridal party (including the bride) would dress identically to confuse an ill-intended suitor or demonic spirit from stealing the bride. These days, brides opt for matching ‘maids to conduct a chic, cohesive look.


Same Colour, Different Styles 

Not every bridesmaid will have the same body type, build or sense of style. Some brides will choose a specific colour and then allow their ‘maids to select their desired silhouette. This gives your girls a little freedom to select a style that they feel the best in. It increases their chances of wearing the gown again and the overall look of your bridal party is consistent, chic and fun.

Pro tip: limit bridesmaid's’ dress choices to one designer to keep the colour consistent.


Mix And Match Bridesmaids Dresses

This is definitely at the top of 2021 bridesmaids’ trends. To play up your colour palette and go for a more vibrant look, incorporate two colours into your bridesmaids’ dresses! You can mix and match two colours of the same style or allow your bridal party to choose any style in the given palette. The end result? Happy ‘maids and one gorgeous, colourful bridal party! 


How To Mix And Match:

Colour – Think same colour, different dresses. Choosing a colour palette, or simply one solid colour for your ‘maids will help your girls look cohesive and stylish. If you’re going for a blush colour palette, for example, give your ‘maids specific colours that you think match or even your choice of different dresses in your choice of colours. This way, all your bridesmaids can choose a silhouette that flatters them!

Shoes – Have your friends wear the same shoes, or the same style of shoes to tie the mix-and-match bridal party look together. Keep in mind the length of their dresses and the season when choosing. 

Pick one designer – If you want your bridal party to have a more uniform look, try choosing dresses from one designer. Most designers have a variety of dresses within the same colour family in different fabrics and silhouettes for you and your bridesmaids to choose from.

Hair and makeup – Everyone has different taste and different hairstyles and textures, but having your bridal party wear their hair in a similar way is a great way to create a polished look. All up or down, curled or braided, adds a cohesive element to your bridesmaids.

Accessories – Gift your bridesmaids a necklace or pair of earrings they can wear for the ceremony that doubles as a way to tie their looks together. It is a simple way to make your bridesmaids’ styles similar.



Feeling like you want a little more than just a dress for your bridesmaids, why not try a jumpsuit? A fantastic way to add a modern twist to your wedding. Jumpsuits can easily be dressed up with a range of accessories and are entirely chic. They are adaptable to any theme and can be worn again by your bridesmaids!



Colour Trends 


Navy is a classic and versatile colour that never goes out of style.  It can be dressed up or down and is perfect for any theme, from black tie to beach wedding. Navy is also known for flattering all skin tones and body shapes, it can do no wrong!



Metallic-hued bridesmaid dresses scream glamour, spotlight and party.  They make a statement but can still keep it low-key, especially if choosing a neutral undertone such as gunmetal. 




The next colour we think we will be everywhere is Merlot. For the past couple of years, burgundy has dominated the bridesmaid’s scene but as more and more brides choose this colour, it feels less and less new and exciting. For 2021 bridal parties, Merlot is the perfect choice to bridge the trend in a new way! This deeper red tone works well with fall and winter weddings – but when intermixed in a mix-and-match colour scheme it can be worn year-round. Merlot feels warm and soft so we love it for a more formal wedding setting.




So you might be asking yourself what fabrics and silhouettes work best with these new colours? For us, there’s no better bridesmaid fabric than chiffon! Flowy, lightweight and universally flattering, chiffon bridesmaid dresses are the way to go for bridal parties.



Sleek silhouettes and all over, iridescent shimmer bring a throwback glamour we love. Statement-making matte sequin is never too much in a bridal party that was made for standing out. Whether you love the all-over look or prefer the Art-Deco-inspired pattern of Nouveau Sequin, these sequin bridesmaid dresses can’t be ignored. Perfect for an enchanting New Years Eve wedding but stylish enough for a captivating Hamptons ceremony, you truly cannot go wrong with this bridesmaid look.



As far as silhouettes go, we still think long dresses with classic v-neckline will be big in 2021 – because honestly, why mess with a classic? However, as more and more brides are letting their gals choose their own dresses, we love how these new Montique dresses have added unexpected design details to each dress.


It’s so important that your bridesmaids are comfortable and feel like themselves on your big day. They shouldn’t have to fuss with a dress that doesn’t suit their silhouette or personal style. With a range of fabrics, and a variety of colour and styles, Montique Clothing is the go-to brand for statement-making bridal parties. Flattering necklines pair with column skirts while gorgeous fabrics and stunning colours are available to help brides create a dreamy colour palette for their besties. Whether you want a totally mix-and-match look, something classic like satin and chiffon, or even sequin, Montique Clothing’s 2021 bridesmaid dresses were made for the modern ‘maid. The result? Incredibly versatile and romantic dresses that are perfect for any wedding!


 You will always look your best in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!

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