Wardrobe Refresh With Lightweight Fabrics

The weather is getting warmer, and your calendar is loaded with dinner dates after work, long brunches, and happy hours every week, and all your friends are throwing parties every weekend to enjoy the most of this season. Yes, the summer of fun is finally on its way! There is only so much you can do with your current summer wardrobe, so here are our chosen pieces you can wear to any occasion for upcoming events. Are you in the mood for a summer wardrobe revamp? Because rest assured, the invitations are coming.


The Essentials 

It is essential to start by saying that to dress well, it is not necessary to have a vast wardrobe. I know we love new trends, but no wardrobe is complete without the essentials. This means that perfect timeless garment that suits your body shape, colours and style. So nothing better than solid bold colours that go from day to night this sunny season.


A Floral Piece 

It doesn't matter if you are in the city, at the beach or even in the mountains; there are pieces that every summer closet requires. A patterned dress - more specifically, a botanical print - is definitely one of them. They are an all-time summer classic, and even if florals aren't your go-to style, you should try something new this year. After all, florals are versatile and can also be worn after summer. From halterneck to flowy sleeves, there is a floral dress for everyone. Or opt for a floral top paired with a solid-coloured bottom.


The Flowy Style

Suppose you have been invited to a wedding this season. Whether it is a cocktail party or date night, you should look for a flowy and easy-to-move-in dress that will set out stylishly when it comes to summer dressing. A lovely midi dress made with lightweight fabric is perfect for the hot weather, and it's something you'll wear again. Also, a silky-feeling pastel shift dress is a versatile warm-weather staple.


Black For Summer?

Well, when all else fails, it's a universal truth that black never goes out of style. And we agree. Whether it's an LBD or a jumpsuit, the cool of the darkest hue will never fail to help you feel your best. Likewise, modern-yet-timeless pieces can speak to today's trends while remaining relevant for those years to come. So you can choose between a ruched bodice, a one-shoulder cut, and a sexy tied neckline. It's a must-have summer staple so that you can have your most chic season ever. Then, all you have to do is swap out accessories for the occasion. 


The Final Touch

Accessories have become one of the main components of the outfit, and it is even more evident during summer. While your clothes might be lightweight and bright, the accessories allow you to level up the whole production and make that summer dress goes from the beach to the bar in a blink of an eye. So whether it's a headband or sparkly, colourful earrings, they're sure to brighten up your attire — and also your mood. 


You will always look your best in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at customerservice@intermoda.com.au to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!

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