How To Refine Your Event Wardrobe

You’ve heard off having a capsule wardrobe, think that tried and true trench, a staple pair of jeans (or 2!) and your go to tees. But have you head of having an event wardrobe? An event wardrobe is all about have a few key event pieces that are each suitable for different occasions. The event wardrobe will save you when you are invited to something last minute or when you have literally shopped until you have dropped and still cannot find anything new. Having an event wardrobe prepped and ready will add a touch of relief to the stress that often comes with event or wedding guest prep.

Now with an event wardrobe it is important to only have styles in it that you truly love and will wear again and again. Essentially this means investing the time and money into pieces that are not only versatile but which are also comfortable and make you feel good to wear. Some may feel their best in a flowy midi dress while others may yearn for something with jersey material, either way it is important to find what works for you and the type of events you go to – from weddings to cocktail parties. One key thing to keep in mind when shopping for your event wardrobe – if you love it buy it, you may not come across something as good again – this is important to keep in mind even if an event may not be coming up straight away. And when we say ‘if you love it’ this means something that you truly love, feel good in and a piece that by your definition will stand the test of time when it comes to trends.


The Separates

Made for dressing up or down, when you don’t exactly know what the dress code is and for when you just want to wear jeans and a nice top. A fancy pair of pants, a skirt or a chic top are all good additions to an event wear wardrobe. Separates, like little black dresses, are truly versatile. This is because they can be used in a multitude of ways. Wear a flowing skirt with a white button down for the office or with an off the shoulder top for a black tie event. Same goes with the top, an off the shoulder top will look great with jeans for when your friends tell you to wear jeans and a nice top for a night out in the city. Obviously, accessories and jewellery can aid when it comes to dressing for a specific dress code. Crystal earrings will look a little more fancy than classic studs.   


The Little Black Dress

Made for cocktail parties, that work function, and last minute affairs, the little black dress will always stand the test of time, but consider which type of little black dress suits you best? When trying on LBD styles pick your favourite by choosing which one feels most comfortable on you. Whatever your age, profession, or overall style there is will be a savvy little black dress look for you. Perfect for any occasion day to night, great for all skin tones and an excellent way of pulling off ‘the glam factor’ effortlessly, the little black dress guarantees a stunning look. A black dress is great for several reasons, but the main one is clear, versatility. There’s so much you can do with this as part of your wardrobe staples. You could go casual with a cocktail dress and understated accessories, flats, and a matching clutch or over the shoulder handbag, or dress your look up in a midi dress with matching black heels, statement jewellery, and a bright glitter clutch to tie it all together.


The Colourful Or Printed Dress

Made for wedding guests, garden parties and Sunday brunches, the printed or brightly coloured dress brings a sense of special to the occasion, but which print or colour works for you and your events? The most important thing to consider is which you are most attracted to, and which you will not get bored with after only a couple of wears. Some may argue that the floral print is more trend than staple, but year after year we see the floral emerge as a front running spring/summer staple. When choosing a floral print or a colourful dress to add in your event wardrobe, there are a number of silhouettes you could consider. Midi dresses can be seen as an essential addition to your wardrobe staples. A wrap style dress is another style you can opt for in print or colour, and this silhouette can feel more comfortable to some with a v neck. If you aren’t a v neck girl then go for a halter neck dress which is a timeless shape. A longer gown can also be an event wardrobe essential, especially if you attend a lot of weddings


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